Nytorget 6 ?>

Nytorget 6

On Thursday I met my friend Reicell, we went to her neighborhood restaurant- and cocktail bar called Nytorget 6 where it is also located. The kitchen, I’ve heard, is amazing! The cocktails and the staff too. We got seats at the bar and behind it  I found both Fredrik and Peter. They’re friends and colleagues from Berns and I havn’t seen them in ages. They really took care of us and while we decided on what more to drink we…

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Greetings all you gin lovers! Did you know Stockholm has its own gin distillery?! It’s called STOCKHOLMS BRÄNNERI and the people behind it are the newly wed Anna and Calle. They are located on Folkungagatan 136 and share an old car and bike workshop together with Modernist Brewery. Soon, hopefully, one can enjoy gin and beer tastings and after work sessions in this bright and trendy venue. It’s just a matter of paper work, you know, permissions and such 😉…

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Celeste ?>


TWINPIGS – my fav bar in Berlin – is launching their winter/spring 2017 menu tonight! I’m in Stockholm, but if you’re in Berlin you should go and have a taste of it 😉 I’m not longer working there but they’re so amazing they let me put a drink on the menu anyway. It’s called Celeste. 🌟 Celeste: 50 ml vodka 10 ml Lillet Blanc 05 ml Pimento liqueur 05 ml Chambord 3 dashes of orange bitter ✴︎ stir well and…

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Stockholm Sparkles and Silver Gin Fizz ?>

Stockholm Sparkles and Silver Gin Fizz

WOW WHAT AN AMAZING NEW YEAR CELEBRATION! I met a new group of friends and we ate a 3 course dinner and to each dish me and Linnea made a cocktail. I tried a gin that’s new on the market – Stockholms Bränneri Dry Gin – it has been crafted in Södermalm, the south part of Stockholm and has on top of juniper there’s heather, elderflower, lemon and rosmary in the flavour pallet. It’s really fresh and aromatic, it has…

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I LOVE COFFEE DRINKS! One of the best is of course the Irish Coffee. A modern classic that has got a bad reputation for being rather tacky and among bartenders it’s kinda a bitch to have to make on a busy night. But nonetheless it’s a delicious drink really. I mean. Coffee is awesome. Whiskey too. And cream! I use cream in my coffee sometimes and for that a friend called me an old lady, but I just see it…

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Christmas: Berlin vs Stockholm ?>

Christmas: Berlin vs Stockholm

So I celebrated Christmas with friends from Twinpigs in Berlin on Saturday and tonight with my mom and dad in Stockholm – or outside at their country house in Gnesta but anyway. For our dinner in Berlin I made three different home infused schapps on Our/Berlin Vodka. You can find out how to make them here: Last minute x-mas infusions And tonight we had traditional akvavit for schnapps such as OP Anderson and their sister brands. I picked Örtagårds Brännvin,…

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Bye Bye Berlin Cocktail ?>

Bye Bye Berlin Cocktail

So I’m leaving Berlin for I don’t know how long, but I have a feeling I’ll be back sooner than later Unless someone feels like taking me somewhere in the world? I don’t have any plans atm you see, I’m free and up for adventures. Bye Bye Berlin Cocktail 50 ml Our/Berlin Vodka – infused with cloves, basil, lemon peel and cumin 30 ml lingon berry syrup on mandarine juice, lingonberry and raw sugar (no water) with cloves and tamarind…

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If you’re a procrastinator like me, or just thought about how fun I’d be to make your own schapps for the weekend, here’s some quick booze infusions I recommend for the Christmas celebration that will only take one day. The pink one only takes a few hours actually I use Our/Berlin Vodka because it’s smooth and locally produced, and also I think vodka is the most suitable spirit for infusions when you want to really get the flavour out of…

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ICE! ?>


Don’t forget about the ice. Why ice is the most important cocktail ingredient I love the sound of ice, and to look at it too. Proper cocktail ice – the one you see bartenders carve from big ice blocks – can be as pretty as diamonds you.   💎 💎 I found this ice reminder on Trader Magnus Facebook page. Check it out, he’s always up to date about cocktails and the bar scene.