Boulevardier ?>


This is a super easy cocktail to make. Just swap the gin in a Negroni for Bourbon or Rye Whiskey and Voila: Boulevardier! It is a delicious drink and a perfect appetizer! I use Bulleit Bourbon in this one, and Antica Formula (which is one of the best sweet vermouth’s I think)! ❤︎ ❤︎ Boulevardier: 30 ml Bourbon or Rye Whiskey 30 ml Campari 30 ml Sweet Vermouth ✴︎ Stir the ingredients with ice in a rocks glass ✴︎ Garnish with an…

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Bacardi Legacy 2017 ?>

Bacardi Legacy 2017

Thanks to Kaitlin and Bacardi for an exciting week! Unfortunately Kaitlin didn’t win it all but to me she’s a winner! Her performance was wonderful. 🌴💥😄👊🏼🍹🌺 So, congratulations to the cute Belgian guy who won the competition!    

Frozen Yoghurt ?>

Frozen Yoghurt

I made frozen yoghurt for breakfast today. Super easy and delicious! 🙃 Frozen Yoghurt: Frozen banana Frozen raspberries Skyr Coconut Milk Ice    

Chrysanthemum Ice Tea ?>

Chrysanthemum Ice Tea

I made tea on dried chrysanthemum flowers and some kind of Chinese herbal tea last night and let it sit in the fridge over night. Today I just added lemon juice, sugar syrup and ice!   Chrysanthemum Ice Tea: 40ml lemon juice 30ml sugar syrup Chrysanthemum and herbal tea blend ✴︎ brew the tea and let sit in the fridge over night ✴︎ pour the cold tea over a glass with lemon, sugar and ice      

Kaitlin Wilkes represents Sweden in Bacardi Legacy 2017 ?>

Kaitlin Wilkes represents Sweden in Bacardi Legacy 2017

This is Kaitlin Wilkes. We actually never met in person until a few days ago, yet I feel we’re friends already and for that I thank social media. I’ve been following her online lately, with curiosity and admiration for her style and passion for bartending. She’s pretty much been on a world tour recently featuring a rum based high ball she named Gonzo. So why is this? And why have I been tracking her down here in Berlin finally? Well,…

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New morning routine ?>

New morning routine

I drink a glass of hot water with lemon every morning when I get up nowadays. Good for digestion. If I have something else that can go in it like ginger or some herbs, to spice it up a little, I don’t mind

Detox Smoothie – Day 7 ?>

Detox Smoothie – Day 7

It’s the last day of my cleanse with liquid food! Life’s pretty good. Wish you a wonderful day 😘 Day 7: Pineapple Cantaloupe Banana Apple Beet root juice Soy rice milk Lemon Ginger Rosemary Mint Sage    

Detox Smoothie – Day 6 ?>

Detox Smoothie – Day 6

I got some frozen raspberries from Bio Company today and I juiced carrot and beetroot for my smoothie. The pulp went in the freezer and later on I’ll mix it with chickpeas and feta cheese for burgers. Looking forward to eat proper food again soon. Blessed! Day 6: Beetroot Carrott juice Grapefruit juice Orange juice Frozen raspberry Banana Yoghurt Basil