I have many passions, but two of the most prominent ones are drinking and writing…

Tina Shine loves to write anything from blog post to articles to short stories and she’s dreaming of one day publish a real novel and finally being able to title herself ‘author’. This website allows for her to share her work with an audience and it plays out partly in English, partly in Swedish.



I always want to provide the right kind of drink at any given moment, whether it’d be a classic cocktail or a glass of water. A nice drink in your hand, and you’ll be in good company.

Tina Shine is a bartender rooted in Stockholm but currently stationed in Berlin where she works in the speakeasy bar Melody Nelson – a classic cocktail hideout in Mitte that’s still ‘punk’. Alongside working service she organize cocktail workshops, teaches craft bartending, creates menus for various events and freelance for the international hospitality & cocktail bureau Cocktail Professor as well as writing a column for the Swedish culinary online magazine folkofolk.se



[swe] Matt Nimmo på Soho House ger en inblick i Berlins komplexa barscen

Tina Shine bor och verkar som proffsbartender i Berlin. Här är hennes intervju med Matt Nimmo – barchef på Soho House Berlin, en av stadens mest inflytelserika barer.     Beläget på Torstraße 1 vid Rozenthaler Platz i det centrala distriktet Mitte reser sig etablissemanget Soho House Berlin; en byggnad i Neue Sachlichkeit-stil från sent …

[swe] Den allvarsamma drycken

Från teceremoni till cocktailceremoni Att blanda te och alkohol härstammar från 1700-talet där punshen var först ut. Bartendern Tina Shine har fördjupat sig i teets historia och den japanska teceremonin. Utifrån det har hon utvecklat konceptet “cocktailceremoni”.  (Photo cred: folkofolk.se) I tevärlden säger man att teet görs på fältet, eller att kvalitén produceras på fältet …


The direct translation of ‘svartklubb’ is “black club” which indicates it’s an underground party, though the most accurate translation of ‘svartklubb’ would be ‘rave’.  I was invited to run the bar at Mål Två in Stockholm on Monday the 30th of April, a night we refer to as Valborg in Sweden that represent beginning of …


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