French Press Cocktails ?>

French Press Cocktails

Check this out “If you love French press coffee and craft cocktails, then you’ve been making the latter all wrong. French press cocktails will change the way you think about mixing drinks.” Photos: Vinepair

12 things everyone need to know before becoming a bartender ?>

12 things everyone need to know before becoming a bartender

Meaghan Dorman has been bartending full time for 12 years in New York and here’s her tips about what to bare in mind if you’re  about to pursue a career in bartending! And it’s a good read for already established bartender to be reminded of a few things about and within this profession. She seems super cool! I’d would love to meet her IRL in the future! Shit, I’m curious on New York and the bar scene over there. Maybe…

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Shine’s Post Easter Cocktail ?>

Shine’s Post Easter Cocktail

Happy belated Easter 🐣 Wow, this weekend just disappeared! I didn’t really celebrate Easter in a traditional way this year since I’m not in Sweden with my family. To be honest I forgot that it was Easter, I just went out for a party on Thursday and I didn’t get home until last night. Anyhow, here’s a real nice white wine, apple, carrot cocktail that I can recommend for you to make on this last day of Easter. It’s low…

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Kamille cooler ?>

Kamille cooler

Here’s a recipe for a spring cocktail I made for me and Fumiko! And for her roommate I made one with less alcohol, for that you just add more lemon and sugar, and top with a little extra soda. Kamille Cooler: 40 ml Gin 20 ml lemon juice 15 ml camomile and celery sugar syrup* white wine soda water ✴︎ shake the gin, lemon and sugar ✴︎ double strain over any kind of glass with ice cubes ✴︎ top with…

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Guten Morgen ?>

Guten Morgen

Today I’m hanging with Hannah at her work in Voltastraße. It’s a café/co-working space called Ahoj and at the moment I’m having breakfast – salmon sandwich and a latte, followed by a cappuccino and chocolate croissant. Now German studies!

Tea by Fumiko ?>

Tea by Fumiko

I’m staying with my friend Hannah in Kreutzberg this week and she makes me tea 😀 No but really it’s super sweet of her to take me in so spontaneously this week, and nice to finally hang out more! Now we’re drinking tea and gonna watch Twin Peaks. I haven’t watched it so… Gonna see what the deal is you know. Tea by Fumiko: Camomile Mint Lemon Turmeric powder Honey

Organic Smoothie – Pear & Mint ?>

Organic Smoothie – Pear & Mint

Heeeellooooo! Yesterday I met Andrea and Newday for a smoothie date! It was super nice hanging out making a super healty and delicious green smoothie. Andrea is also a yogi who’s into healthy food and she has a lovely and inspiring Instagram account where she combines yoga, food and flowers. Check it out: >> bashyfashy <<   Ingredients: Orange juice Pear Mint Kiwi Baby spinach Banana Coconut Agave Lemon Ginger Rice milk   Looking forward to our next smoothie session!…

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