The one and only Kaj, at Fotografiska Stockholm ?>

The one and only Kaj, at Fotografiska Stockholm

One of my favourite barteders in Stockholm is Kaj! He’s a dear friend of mine and a true creative spirit who I look up to in this business. Today he’s assistant bar manager at Fotografiska – a renowned gallery for photographic art – with an fine dining restaurant and cocktail bar. I met a friend of his there and together we viewed an exhibition by Chinese photographer Ren Hang. We adored it. The color expositions, the naked body motives in…

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Billy and Sasha’s wedding ?>

Billy and Sasha’s wedding

It was last week on Saturday my brother married Sasha. The ceremony took place at our house on the coast of Stockholm and I of course made some cocktails. I’ll post the recipe to them next week, now you’ll have to settle with these pictures I couldn’t be more happy for my little brother and his wife. Love and light to you.

Stockholm Mule ?>

Stockholm Mule

It’s Friday!!! Cooking and drinking Stockholm Mule which is basically any kind of akvavit mixed with ginger beer, lime/cucumber. Stockholm Mule: 40 ml akvavit (Petronella by OP Anderson) Ginger beer Lime/Cucumber ✴︎ serve in high ball with cube ice and lime/cucumber or both Have a nice weekend yawl

Margarita! ?>


Yeah today is apparently Margarita day! If you’re in Stockholm and wants to celebrate the international margarita day I recommend to go to Yuc! the Mexican restaurant/bar who won Gulddraken for best bar 2017. The Margarita is a great cocktail and here’s how I make it: Margarita: 40 ml tequila 20 ml Cointreau 20 ml lime juice 05 ml sugar syrup a pinch of salt ✴︎ coat the edge of half of a margarita- or cocktail glass and dip it…

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Destillat STHLM 2017 ?>

Destillat STHLM 2017

Last Friday I went to visit my friends at Niklas and Niclas at Destillat STHLM – a booze convent in the heart of Stockholm where the worlds leading liquor producers offers tastings to the visitors. It was held 17 – 18 of February at Waterfront Hotel and in comparison to other bar fairs and convents I’ve visited it was a rather calm event, one could tell that it was a fair that attracted branch people and connoisseurs rather than leather…

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Meet Rebecca Seal – drink historian at Sheraton Grand Park Lane, London ?>

Meet Rebecca Seal – drink historian at Sheraton Grand Park Lane, London

Meet Rebecca Seal – in-house drinks historian, journalist and author at Sheraton Grand Park Lane Hotel, London What a dream job hey! ❤︎❤︎ “Seal’s sole responsibility is to pay homage to the Sheraton Grand Park Lane’s 20th-century roots through the classic cocktails and drinking etiquette from the 1920s and onward—no small feat considering the sheer size of the hotel and the connecting of dots that’s required in pursuit of the true history of classic cocktails. You’ll find her shaking something…

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Saint Valentine ?>

Saint Valentine

According to wikipedia there was probably 3 different Valentine who died the martyr’s death between 200 – 300 AD. The most famous one however was Valentinus who supposedly was beheaded on 14th of February year 269 because he married Christian couples. A couple of hundred years later he was ordained Saint and got his own day in the calendar. The romantic connection was implanted in the middle ages through a common idea of birds mating in the middle of February…

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