A 日本の Mocktail ?>

A 日本の Mocktail

Ok so I’m on day 4 without alcohol and I must say I feel fucking fabulous!! It’s so nice to wake up not being hung over. But yeah I also already miss drinking alcohol, hopefully I’ll drink more moderately after these 40 days being sober. That’s the goal anyway :)

So I made me and my colleague Joy some mocktails during our shift at Melody Nelson last Saturday. Melody Nelson is located at Novalisstraße 2 in Mitte and lies next door to a super nice Japanese deli called Smart Deli. They have really good sushi! I had some on Saturday and the left over wasabi and gari (pickled ginger) I used in our drinks together with some soy sauce which is rich in umami and therefore appealing to me. Of course you can use soy in a cocktail. Why not? Especially if you want an East Asian touch to it.

A 日本の Mocktail:
40 ml fresh lime juice
20 ml sugar syrup
30 ml pink grapefruit juice
10 ml soy sauce
4 pieces of gari slices
Wasabi after taste
✴︎ muddle gari, wasabi and 6 mint leafs in a shaker with the liquid
✴︎ hard shake on ice and double strain over tumbler
✴︎ fill with crushed ice and top with soda or preferably ginger beer
✴︎ garnish with mint (I also garnished with a couple of wasabi nuts)

IMG_8105IMG_8097 IMG_8101  IMG_8107 IMG_8114

Apologies for the lousy quality of the photos but I forgot my camera at home and only hade my old iPhone at hand.

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