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HERO, Paris ?>

HERO, Paris

I’m working a lot now, both with the bar at Gordon and with my French studies. Yes, I study French even though I live in Germany – but I kinda always liked doing stuff ‘the other way around’ or ‘may way’, and I just love the French language. I’m looking back at my time in Paris and I want to show you a bit of Hero – a Korean cocktail bar and restaurant at 289 Rue St-Denis that’s part of…

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5 Eco friendly cocktails from ?>

5 Eco friendly cocktails from

“Bartenders are rethinking the carbon footprint associated with drink slinging and doing everything from tossing plastic straws to using previously discarded ingredients in their creations, such as lime peels and cherry pits. These are five zero-waste cocktails you should try now.” Are Earth-Friendly Cocktails Possible? These 5 No-Waste Cocktails Might Be the Answer.  

Tonight at Gordon! ?>

Tonight at Gordon!

Tonight we have another event to promote our menus at Gordon. Come and enjoy food and drinks for very reasonable prices 😁 Gordon – modern Israeli/Yemeni cuisine Allerstraße 11 U-Bahn: Leinestraße

TB Bar Hommage at Twinpigs ?>

TB Bar Hommage at Twinpigs

I’m sad I didn’t have the chance to go to Bar Convent Berlin this year to reconnect with people in the bar scenes of Sweden, France, England and meet bartenders, spirit makers, brand ambassadors and speakers and teachers of the bar industry from the rest of the world… I didn’t get hold of a ticket to the fair and I also had a lot to handle with the sneak-peak party of Gordon where I manage the bar. It was a…

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Semi-secret sneak peak pre-taste of the cocktails at Gordon tonight! ?>

Semi-secret sneak peak pre-taste of the cocktails at Gordon tonight!

No BCB for me this year.. but I’ve got something else cooking: We’re doing a sneak-launch of the cocktail menu at Gordon tonight. I was inspired by Mark Rothko – the abstract expressionist – when creating it and you order by colour. So.. Do you feel like der rote, der blaue, der gelbe, der grüne or der schwartze?? Come and let me know what colour you prefer!! 19.00 – 00.00 at GORDON – Allerstraße 11 (u-bahn Leinestraße in Neukölln) It…

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Rias ?>


Freddie is now not only working at Panorama but also at his neighborhood bar Rias on Manteuffelstraße 100! It’s a classic cocktail bar and next door is a café owned by the same proprietors. The ambience is amazing and so is the staff! When Fredrik was here in Berlin a couple of weeks back we visited Freddie and I find it delightful to be served by him again – he who has thought me so much about being a bartender…

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So I decided to bake cinnamon buns yesterday which is a traditional Swedish pastry that I haven’t baked in like 15 years.. They turned out really nice! I stayed in the whole day and just enjoy my new home in Treptow, Berlin. I went out fore some nice groceries and me and John – my friend and now also flatmate – had a picknick on his floor for dinner while it was storming like crazy outside. It was a perfect…

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Happy Birthday to me! ?>

Happy Birthday to me!

So happy to meet Angel tonight for a birthday drink at Twinpigs! We met at France Quintessence in Paris a few weeks ago and we have some friends in common in the bar scene of Paris.. But for tonight we went to my favorite bar in Berlin for a meet up! What a great start of my birthday celebration 😘

Rum-soaked at Tropic City in Bangkok ?>

Rum-soaked at Tropic City in Bangkok

Sebastian is opening up a rum bar in Bangkok! How amazing!!! Here is a post from my tiki event at Aunt Benny from last year where I made a cocktail on one of Sebastians recipes – Jungle Beard – which is a variation on the tiki classic Jungle Bird “Bar flies may know Philip Stefanescu and Sebastian De La Cruz from Thonglor bars U.N.C.L.E and Touche Hombre. The award-winning bartenders flew from Stockholm to Bangkok three years ago only to…

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