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Warung ?>


Last Wednesday I met Sonja and Cecilia, two childhood friends from Ösby Grind, at Warung, Långholmsgatan 3 in Stockholm. Anders, who earlier bartended at Morfar Ginko, works now in the bar at Warung and I saw him posting a new bar-menu (food) on Facebook earlier that day, and since I only had cake for dinner at my Grandma’s, it was perfect to enjoy a bit of food in the bar. Of the bar-menu I had the nuggets, try it! They…

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The Sazerac – by Adam Peleg ?>

The Sazerac – by Adam Peleg

WAOWAOWAOW check this out! I’m super thrilled to share with you the first ever guest piece here at TINASHINE.COM; a review of the very very old school cocktail called the Sazerac, written by my new dear friend Adam Peleg! Adam is a true cocktail enthusiast and it has been a pleasure sharing recipes, stories and knowledge about cocktails and the bar scene with him over these past few weeks in Stockholm. If you ever join any of Substitutet’s parties you’ll…

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The joy of Bartending! ?>

The joy of Bartending!

Behind the bar, we are the alchemists of the 21st century. Alchemy was, before Decartes and the following dualistic division of body and spirit, as common as chemistry is today. Alchemy derives from an ancient Hermetic tradition who understood about the connection between macro and micro cosmos; the external and internal worlds was intertwined, thus; to turn led into gold one has to start within him/her self. We are not turning led into gold, nor are we necessarily working on…

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Morning run swim and smoothie ?>

Morning run swim and smoothie

I started running in the morning a few months ago and I try to keep it to 3 times a week. Having been here in my childhood home located in Ösby Grind outside of Stockholm (on the coast) I’m lucky to have such beautiful nature around me that encourage me to get out there. It’s really joyful to run here. My routine is to first run and then swim. There’s a lake next to my neighborhood, I run by it,…

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Our bar ?>

Our bar

This is my current little project! I’m helping mom and dad to set up a bar in the guest house of our place in Gnesta! If anyone in Stockholm has any old bar equipment I could buy or even get, I’d be much grateful!!! I want everything one can imagine; mixing glasses, bar spoons, an absinthe fountain, ice bucket, bitter bottles, soda siphons, you name it! This is what I’ve done so far Before : After It’s a tiny place…

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Celerybration ?>


A throwback to last year in August when I guested the bar at Köttmästarn. 💃🏻 I have been working at Köttmästarn on Tegnergatan 39 in Stockholm for a while now. Köttmästarn means “the meat master” and yes it’s a restaurant focused on meat with a meats whole sale part. It’s sooooo good!!! If you’re a meat lover you have to eat there!! My friend Anton Schneider is bar manager and for my last shift I made a signature drink for the…

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Red snapper ?>

Red snapper

I spent last weekend at Substitutet where me and my fellow cocktail enthusiast Adam Peleg suggested we encounter in a drink-making battle – and of course I couldn’t say no to that! I acknowledge myself a winner of the battle, but for not working as a bartender I must say Adam was a worthy opponent indeed! We made so many drinks and I didn’t care to take photos of all of them, but I want to give you a little…

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Stranded Captain ?>

Stranded Captain

I’m back at Substitutet this weekend. Enjoying time off and trying out lots of different cocktails. This is Adam’s classy Caribbean styled cocktail of the night! Stranded Captain: 30ml Compagnies des Indes 15ml Evan Williams Bourbon 20ml Martini Rosso 05ml Marachino sherry syrup 3 dashes Angostura bitters ✴︎ stir and serve in a glass with ice cubes (or big ice) ✴︎ garnish with marachino cherry and orange zest