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Last Saturday we hosted a bloggers workshop for 10 food and drink bloggers at Komune, Ovolo Southside Hotel in Hong Kong! They got a signature twist on the Moscow Mule to start with – Ovolo Mule! And then  we made two cocktails from the signature list that Cocktail Professor has created for Ovolo! It was such a lovely day! Alvaro – the head chef made some samples of their new food menu too, for the bloggers (and us) to enjoy…

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Buenos Aires Polo Club, Hong Kong ?>

Buenos Aires Polo Club, Hong Kong

After being treated by Emil Åreng and Hernö Gin at M bar last Saturday, we moved on to have some drinks at a Buenos Aires Polo Club – an Argentinian steakhouse and cocktail bar on the 7th floor of LKH Tower in central Hong Kong. It was an experience for sure and we stayed until closing. Maxi is Argentinian and he’d been there before. The When we reached the end of the night and me and Tony had a deep…

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Emil Åreng & Hernö Gin in Hong Kong ?>

Emil Åreng & Hernö Gin in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong cocktail bar- scene is so incredible! I’m blown away. There’s so many interesting places to visit and so many exciting products to try. Last week me and Tony went out with Maxi (bar manager at Komune, Ovolo Southside Hotel) and his girlfriend Akie. We met for a drink at Dr. Fern’s Gin Parlour – a speakeasy specialized in gin. Hernö Gin – a handcrafted gin from northern Sweden, was in town and we had a little tasting…

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The reverse dry shake!!! ?>

The reverse dry shake!!!

The reverse dry shake!!! Tales of the cocktail breaks it down for you. “The raw egg is a key part of some amazing cocktails, from classics like the Pisco Sour and the Ramos Gin Fizz to modern interpretations like The Dead Rabbit’s Ale Flip. The addition of egg whites to a drink give a silky smooth texture and mouthfeel with the additional pleasantry of a beautiful frothy head (….) ‘The aim of a dry shake is to whip air into…

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At the market, Hong Kong ?>

At the market, Hong Kong

I love visiting markets whenever I go to a new city or town. Tony and I followed the head chef, Alvaro, at Ovolo Southside to the market the other day to search for the last ingredients for the cocktail menu. It was an amazing day and we found -almost- everything we needed!  

Craft Bartending Training in Hong Kong ?>

Craft Bartending Training in Hong Kong

So today is the 6th day of training with the crew at Ovolo Southside. Cocktail Professor has created a cocktail menu that we’re teaching the crew how to make. They are curios and interested in what we do and I really enjoy working next to Tony, spreading the word of how fucking great bartending is! We’re going through the signature cocktails and showing the crew everything from the ‘prep’ of all ingredients, to how to make the drinks and what…

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Well since I’m currently in China I thought I’d re-post this information on the ancient Chinese tradition of Kombucha that I wrote in March earlier this year! It also has some information about Gordon – what it used to be before turning into a restaurant- and cocktail bar; before I started working with them. ❤︎❤︎ Last Friday I used GORDON as office. It’s a café/restaurant/record store on Allerstraße 11 in Neukölln, and they host different types of interesting events such…

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Training Day 2 – Ovolo Southside ?>

Training Day 2 – Ovolo Southside

Yesterday was the first day on training the staff at Ovolo Southside Hotel in craft bartending. Basically we covered some cocktail history and the importance of stimulating the five senses, and not just the sense of taste, when creating a concept; cocktails and venue. We discussed what it means to be a bartender and to be part of this industry, and we simply had a really nice day together. Today we started with spirit knowledge. Tony is just brilliant! He…

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