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TB Into the wild ?>

TB Into the wild

THROW BACK THURSDAY 💥 Last week Phil came over – a friend and colleague from Melody Nelson – who I’ll do the bar with at Wilde Möhre Festival on 12th – 14th of August. We inaugurated my bar-wagon and tested a few combinations for what will come to be our signature cocktail. Wilde möhre means wild carrot in German and therefor we choose to base the drink on carrot juice. The recipe’s below! Join! Come to the festival! Buy tickets…

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Happy Midsummer everyone!!!! 😄🌺🌿🌸☀️💦 This year I keep it alcohol frei! So I made some fresh juice cocktails made of centrifuged organic fruit! No 1: Strawberry Rhubarb Carrot Apple Orange Ginger Lime Mint No 2: Strawberry Rhubarb Orange Lemon Sage  

Summer drinks with Johan Evers (in Swedish) ?>

Summer drinks with Johan Evers (in Swedish)

One of the worlds best bartenders Johan Evers visited a Swedish news show yet again this morning to present some lit midsummer cocktails: 1. Apple/sherry/sparkling punch 2. Piña Colada 3. Non alcoholic wheat beer mixed with a sugar syrup based on the left overs from the centrifuged apple and pineapple he used for the two previous drinks. I mean! What a fucking bartender he is <3 And cudos to his colleagues at Penny & Bill too    

Strawberry fields ?>

Strawberry fields

Last summer we made an amazing cocktail at Twinpigs, here’s the recipe: Strawberry fields: 40 ml patxaran 20 ml vodka 30 ml lemon juice 10 ml sugar syrup 15 strawberry campari puree egg white ✴︎ dry shake the ingredients without ice ✴︎ shake it on ice and double strain over a cocktail glass 🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓

The Rose ?>

The Rose

The Rose: 40 ml vodka 15 ml Campari 30 ml lemon juice 20 ml strawberry, rose syrup with creole bitter* egg white soda water ✴︎ dry shake all ingredients (except the soda water) without ice ✴︎ add ice and shake again ✴︎ strain over tumbler with ice cubes and top with soda water ✴︎ garnish with rose buds *I cooked around 250 ml sugar syrup on white sugar and mashed a few strawberries in the pot, then I added maybe…

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La Banchina Copenhagen ?>

La Banchina Copenhagen

I wanna take you back to Copenhagen for a visit to Christiania and La Banchina – a little restaurant on Refshalevej 141a, with a sauna and a wide wooden jetty – from which one could jump into the salty, cold water, and also enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks and coffee at. After we wrapped up the last in the cleaning mission on the houseboat we rented for Ljudpoolen and Levande Charaders party, we went to Christiania to enjoy the good…

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