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Sneak Peak: BOWS distillerie at La Robe & La Mousse ?>

Sneak Peak: BOWS distillerie at La Robe & La Mousse

Here’s a little sneak peak of the BOWS distillery tasting I went to before working at L’entrée des artistes on Saturday night. The tasting took place at La Robe & La Mousse – a craft beer bar that offers a variety of beers from micro breweries only. They know their craft beers. And on the shelf, among other micro distillates, they have Benoit Garcia’s crafted products; vodka, gin, aged gin, rum and whiskey. Benoit is Tony’s cousin and I was…

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I’m working at L’entrée des artistes this weekend ?>

I’m working at L’entrée des artistes this weekend

This Friday and Saturday I’ll be working behind the bar at L’entrée des artistes on 30-32 rue Victor Massé! Tony recommended the place to me and when I got there, met the owner Eduoard and the bartender Jérémie, I thought instinctively “Man, I wanna work here!” and now I will!  I’m very grateful for the opportunity to be part of their team this weekend. From 10pm – 05am I will be serving you drinks together with Jérémie, and tomorrow there’s…

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Representing BOWS distillerie ?>

Representing BOWS distillerie

Tony is in town!!! He’s a friend from Montpellier who I worked together with at Berns in Stockholm about 5 years ago. Now he’s doing bar consultancy all over Asia and promoting the new family business: BOWS distillerie We met yesterday at his friends house and I finally got to try the products!!! The range is 100% organic and the guys really believe in sustainability. You feel it when you taste the products. How amazing that everything in the process…

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Cognac ?>


Since I’m in France, I’d thought to re-post this piece on cognac. My favorite spirit at the moment. One day I’ll go there and visit the distilleries myself! 🍇 🍇 Oh Cognac – what a fine spirit you are. Such an elegant fragrance and flavour, made from grape, French, super classy and at the same time G. Cognac simply has it all. Wouldn’t you agree? Ok let me guide you through how this grape distillate is produced, the history of…

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Notre-Dame and ice coffee from Shakespeare & Co ?>

Notre-Dame and ice coffee from Shakespeare & Co

Shakespeare & Co is a popular coffee- and book shop at 37 rue de la Bûcherie near to the magnificent Notre-Dame Cathedral in central Paris. It’s just around the corner from where I stay and there’s a cute little park next to it with a view over Notre-Dame. Nice hang out. Nice ice coffee!  

Glass ?>


Last Monday I did a guest shift at Glass, on 7 Rue Frochot, Pigalle. It’s a cocktail bar for everyone, unpretentious and raw with kind of a punk-attitude that is welcoming rather than repellent, and it’s Paris’ bartenders hotspot; the place where people working in the industry can go after work or on a night off, and stretch out. It’s open to 4am  from Sunday to Thursday and to 5am on Fridays and Saturdays. I had so much fun working…

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Lari-Lari ?>


Black cocktails has been around for a while now but they are still quite unusual. At Candelaria they serve a Peruvian pisco based cocktail with activated charcoal and house made purple corn syrup as black colouring. I’m happy to share the recipe with you ❤︎ and my googled research on the legend of Lari-Lari… Lari-Lari is the Peruvian legend of a cat who with a deceivingly beautiful voice sneaks upon babies and eat them. Lari-Lari was almost defeated and lynched…

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Little Red Door ?>

Little Red Door

I went to say hello at Little Red Door – 60 rue Charlot in Paris – on Tuesday where I met Calvin and the rest of the crew. Calvin was at Glass when I worked there on Monday, dancing behind the bar after closing! He didn’t expect to see me on Tuesday and man, we had a laugh. The Paris cocktail scene is very familiar to the Stockholm scene. Everyone knows each other and visit each others bars. The bartenders…

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Les Gourmands de Notre-Dame ?>

Les Gourmands de Notre-Dame

New neighborhood for now I live on the little street called Rue Maitre Albert in the old quarters of Paris by the Notre-Dame and I’m enjoying a lager around the corner at the  little bistro Les Gourmands de Notre-Dame. It’s beautiful. I just met John, from New York – and he’s telling me stories from Studio 54!!!