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Launching the new ‘Cocktail Professor’ Cocktail Menu at Ovolo Southside, Hong Kong ?>

Launching the new ‘Cocktail Professor’ Cocktail Menu at Ovolo Southside, Hong Kong

A few weeks back I was working on a project for Cocktail Professor, setting up a cocktail menu and training the staff at Ovolo Southside Hotel in Hong Kong. Me and Tony were there for two weeks and on our last night the hotel hosted a neighborhood party launching the cocktail menu! The menu has been made in advanced and when we’re on site we make the drinks and adjust whatever needs to be adjusted according to local equipment, ingredients,…

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OVOLO MULE – Bloggers workshop Hong Kong ?>

OVOLO MULE – Bloggers workshop Hong Kong

Two weeks ago today, me and Tony hosted a workshop on bartending for a bunch of Hong Kong food- and drinks bloggers at soon-to-re-open Komune restaurnat & bar in Ovolo Southside Hotel, Hong Kong. We made an Ovolo Mule for the bloggers to enjoy, before they got to come around the bar and mix a drink from the signature cocktail menu that Cocktail Professor created for the hotel. The Ovolo Mule is a twist on the Moscow Mule which is…

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Last Saturday we hosted a bloggers workshop for 10 food and drink bloggers at Komune, Ovolo Southside Hotel in Hong Kong! They got a signature twist on the Moscow Mule to start with – Ovolo Mule! And then  we made two cocktails from the signature list that Cocktail Professor has created for Ovolo! It was such a lovely day! Alvaro – the head chef made some samples of their new food menu too, for the bloggers (and us) to enjoy…

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Training Day 2 – Ovolo Southside ?>

Training Day 2 – Ovolo Southside

Yesterday was the first day on training the staff at Ovolo Southside Hotel in craft bartending. Basically we covered some cocktail history and the importance of stimulating the five senses, and not just the sense of taste, when creating a concept; cocktails and venue. We discussed what it means to be a bartender and to be part of this industry, and we simply had a really nice day together. Today we started with spirit knowledge. Tony is just brilliant! He…

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For the past 15 days we’ve been slow opening GORDON restaurant and cocktail bar. And now, finally, the menus are printed, we’ve learned my mistakes and adjusted, the final touches has been put and we are ready for the GORDON : FOOD : DRINKS : VINYL 🌺 RE-OPENING PARTY 🌺 GORDON IS GROWING UP! Come enjoy our snacks and drinks to music played by local DJs who signed up for our OPEN TURNTABLE INVITATION! The line-up is announced in the…

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Semi-secret sneak peak pre-taste of the cocktails at Gordon tonight! ?>

Semi-secret sneak peak pre-taste of the cocktails at Gordon tonight!

No BCB for me this year.. but I’ve got something else cooking: We’re doing a sneak-launch of the cocktail menu at Gordon tonight. I was inspired by Mark Rothko – the abstract expressionist – when creating it and you order by colour. So.. Do you feel like der rote, der blaue, der gelbe, der grüne or der schwartze?? Come and let me know what colour you prefer!! 19.00 – 00.00 at GORDON – Allerstraße 11 (u-bahn Leinestraße in Neukölln) It…

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Building a bar ?>

Building a bar

THIS IS SO FUCKING EXCITING! We’re building a bar!!!! Or my bosses are, I’m not helping with the construction exactly, but I’m helping them building the concept. I have never worked like this from scratch before and it is challenging and.. amazing! I’m intrigued to open in late October and show you guys what we’re gonna do at Gordon.  

Levande Charader in Copenhagen ?>

Levande Charader in Copenhagen

What makes the perfect party, really? 

 That was the main question I had in mind when I followed the event business Ljudpoolen and party collective Levande Charader from Stockholm to the street festival Distortion in Copenhagen last week, where I expected to help out with the bars, not to be embraced as a future bar-boss at their events – which of course was an incredible outcome! Nils Wikland, one of the founders of both operations, took me under his…

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Billy and Sasha’s wedding ?>

Billy and Sasha’s wedding

It was last week on Saturday my brother married Sasha. The ceremony took place at our house on the coast of Stockholm and I of course made some cocktails. I’ll post the recipe to them next week, now you’ll have to settle with these pictures I couldn’t be more happy for my little brother and his wife. Love and light to you.

Cocktail Workshop ?>

Cocktail Workshop

Last night me and Celina held a cocktail workshop at Melody Nelson, it was this company who gave it to their members of staff as a little holiday treat. If you wanna learn about cocktails and bartending and mix some drinks yourself with you friends, staff, support group or who ever, I can teach you everything from what a cocktail really is to shaking techniques and booze knowledge. It’s a win win – you’ll get to drink some nice cocktails…

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