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Mind Fruit at Twinpigs! ?>

Mind Fruit at Twinpigs!

For this weeks’ #whipit Wednesday at Twinpigs we had Celina and Grace selecting music for us! Celina is also and excellent cocktail bartender from Chicago who works together with me at Melody Nelson, and Grace is her Chicago based friend who’s here visiting for a couple of weeks so we invited them to play tonight! Grace used to live in Berlin and now she’s thinking of moving back (fingers crossed)! She DJs a lot in different Chicago hotspots, to get…

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Pisco Disco Poptails ?>

Pisco Disco Poptails

I’m still riding that Cult Cosmic wave! Can’t believe how utterly amazing the vibe at the festival was, and how much fun I had organising the bar. On top of that I got some ice cream molds and Barsol Pisco from Cask & Co so I was able to try out my new little project –> POPTAILS!! Popsicle cocktails to be clear. I mean, I love popsicles and ice cream in general and I also love cocktails and it’s just…

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Last weekend I organised the bar at the festival Cult Cosmic in Roslagen north of Stockholm! It was such a fucking success! My god! One of the best weekends off my life. Both because the festival was so amazing and also because I did such a great job together with the best team ever!!!!! We were only girls in the bar as you may know by now and we went by the name Cunt Cosmic 😉 Big ups to everyone…

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Cunt Cosmic Preparations ?>

Cunt Cosmic Preparations

Helloooooo you lot! Me and my kickass girl friends are off into the woods outside of Stockholm to be serving drinks at Cult Cosmic Festival yo! If you haven’t bought tickets yet do it now !!! 😀 Cult Cosmic I’ll be quiet here for a few days and when I’m back I’m launching my new website!! Yeah! So please be patient, I’ll be back soon with lots of exiting pics and stories 😉 💓



This was last weeks’ cocktail release party at Twinpigs that I hosted! Thanks again to everyone who came and made it happen. Don’t think I need to say so much more, enough with the nagging about our new cocktails 😉 Check ’em out. 3 new sandwiches also by the way. They’re fucking amazing! Oh yeah, if you want a folding fan a la Shiny just lemme know! ❤︎ ❤︎ Så här såg det ut på festen förra torsdagen på Twinpigs!…

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Sneak Peak – the release FIESTA ?>

Sneak Peak – the release FIESTA

”Work hard, play hard, make you quit that day job” Waaaaow what a fucking turn out last night! Thanks to all of you who made it happen <3 Stay tuned for some more pics and stories from our Cocktail Release FIESTA at Twinpigs! Love my job! Love this crazy business. Trade-Off Flatbush Zombies

Release Party for Adidas Gazelle ?>

Release Party for Adidas Gazelle

On Thursday last week I was invited to do the bar for Zalandos’ release party for the new Adidas Gazelle spring edition in pastell colours that was released the following day. The party was for 20 fashion bloggers so a bartender who also has a blog was just right for the occasion 😉 I represented Our Vodka by Our Berlin and offered a really tasty long drink made from their Himalaya vanilla tea infused vodka, fresh limejuice, ginger beer, orange bitter,…

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Cocktail Release Fiesta ?>

Cocktail Release Fiesta

Here’s the event description for our Cocktail Release Fiesta at Twinpigs (Boddinstraße 57) next Thursday 17th of March! Come join us from 20.00. It will be so much fun It’s time to renew our cocktail list at Twinpigs and while we’re celebrating, we thought we would give Paulo and Pablo a big welcome back party to go with the release of our bartender’s new kick ass creations! YAY! BETWEEN 20.00 AND 22.00 THERE WILL BE FREE RASPBERRY/SALTY-LIQUORICE SHOTS UNTIL WE…

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Mega Xmas Party ?>

Mega Xmas Party

My god, yestarday was so much fun!!! We gathered a bunch of people at Olga and Titans’ for some serious Christmas indulgence. Olga made sweets and mini Meatball and beetroot mäckish (a classic on the Swedish christmas buffé) and they had bought glühwine for everyone. We made a little bar in the living room where I served a polka(mint) and vanilla milkshake topped with grenadine cream, and a saffron, orange and chili old fashion! In the kitchen I had a…

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