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DJAPA, Hong Kong ?>

DJAPA, Hong Kong

DJAPA Located in the heart of Wan Chai, central Hong Kong – DJAPA – opened two years ago, offering a culinary experience that rest on a merge between Japanese cuisine and Brazilian flavours! The bar is built on the owners whiskey collection, displaying more than 300 bottles (mostly Japanese) and it’s a sight for sore eyes and whiskey lovers, indeed. DJAPA is owned by a group called Le Comptoir. The venue is a two floor art gallery with the whiskey…

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HERO, Paris ?>

HERO, Paris

I’m working a lot now, both with the bar at Gordon and with my French studies. Yes, I study French even though I live in Germany – but I kinda always liked doing stuff ‘the other way around’ or ‘may way’, and I just love the French language. I’m looking back at my time in Paris and I want to show you a bit of Hero – a Korean cocktail bar and restaurant at 289 Rue St-Denis that’s part of…

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Velvet, Berlin ?>

Velvet, Berlin

About Friday night… When me and Freddie started the night with oysters at Papilles and Freddie goes “I feel like getting proper bar-wasted tonight” I knew we were in trouble – because I was also feeling like getting proper bar-wasted! And sheeeeet, there’s NO ONE I have as much fun with as with Freddie! We got totally smashed! I don’t think I’ve ever seen Freddie that drunk actually – and it was only 11pm. Wow. After Papilles we went to…

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TB Guest shifts at L’entrée des artistes, Paris ?>

TB Guest shifts at L’entrée des artistes, Paris

Earlier this month, on September 8th and 9th, I had the opportunity to work together with the crew at L’entrée des artistes on 30-32 rue Victor Massé in Pigalle, Paris. The owner and manager Edouard established the restaurant and cocktail bar together with a business partner only two years ago and since then they have gathered a fine clientele of cocktail and music lovers. The drink list is fresh and innovative. The music is jazz, soul and disco played on vinyl….

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Best cocktail bars in Paris ?>

Best cocktail bars in Paris

So, I’m back in Berlin now and it feels really good. I will miss Paris however, especially the fantastic bar scene which reminds me a bit of about what the bartenders social network look like in the city I developed to become a bartender – Stockholm. There are similarities of the scenes in these two cities, where as the scene in Berlin is much younger and more “spread out”. Paris and Stockholm share a common culture between people working in…

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Back at Le Syndicat, Paris ?>

Back at Le Syndicat, Paris

Last night I went to Le Syndicat on 51 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis, who just re-opened after a few weeks holiday leave. They’re back with a new menu and I just had to go visit the amazing people behind the bar; a part of the crew I got to know last year when I visited in October. Yesterday I met Aris, Juliette, Giovanni and Joanna on my quick stop in this golden bar before I had to run a last…

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Glass ?>


Last Monday I did a guest shift at Glass, on 7 Rue Frochot, Pigalle. It’s a cocktail bar for everyone, unpretentious and raw with kind of a punk-attitude that is welcoming rather than repellent, and it’s Paris’ bartenders hotspot; the place where people working in the industry can go after work or on a night off, and stretch out. It’s open to 4am  from Sunday to Thursday and to 5am on Fridays and Saturdays. I had so much fun working…

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Little Red Door ?>

Little Red Door

I went to say hello at Little Red Door – 60 rue Charlot in Paris – on Tuesday where I met Calvin Politi and the rest of the crew. Calvin was at Glass where I was working, the night before. It was a messy night with lots of shots and bartenders drinking and dancing – Calvin included, he even got behind the bar after closing! It was a pretty great night. He didn’t expect to see me at Little Red…

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Back at Candelaria ?>

Back at Candelaria

I was back at Candelaria last Thursday where I one again met Alejandro who works there. Their cocktails are really good but man, their michelada.. WOW! To die for! Read my review of Candelaria from last year!