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Destillat STHLM 2017 ?>

Destillat STHLM 2017

Last Friday I went to visit my friends at Niklas and Niclas at Destillat STHLM – a booze convent in the heart of Stockholm where the worlds leading liquor producers offers tastings to the visitors. It was held 17 – 18 of February at Waterfront Hotel and in comparison to other bar fairs and convents I’ve visited it was a rather calm event, one could tell that it was a fair that attracted branch people and connoisseurs rather than leather…

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Gnesta Bistro ?>

Gnesta Bistro

I went to my parents country house on Friday with a friend, and yesterday I followed her to the center of Gnesta where she took the train back to Stockholm and I went for a drink at Bistro Gnesta while waiting for another friend to come visit me. I ordered a double espresso and 2cl Zacapa. It’s a dark rum from Guatemala and has a lovely caramel sweetness. Coffee + dark rum = <3 I’ve never been to Bistro Gnesta…

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Kanel & Kardemumma – Gustavsberg Port ?>

Kanel & Kardemumma – Gustavsberg Port

7 years ago I got a summer job at the local delicacy boutique, with the loveliest scent ever, in my home village Gustavsberg at Värmdö outside of Stockholm. The boutique was (and still is) called Kanel & Kardemumma, which means Cinnamon & Cardamom, and amongst that we sold a wide range of different coloured teas, dried herbs, flowers and spices, coffees from a wide spectrum of altitudes around the world that we ground in the shop according to the costumers…

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Nytorget 6 ?>

Nytorget 6

On Thursday I met my friend Reicell, we went to her neighborhood restaurant- and cocktail bar called Nytorget 6 where it is also located. The kitchen, I’ve heard, is amazing! The cocktails and the staff too. We got seats at the bar and behind it  I found both Fredrik and Erik. They’re friends and colleagues from Berns and I havn’t seen them in ages. They really took care of us and while we decided on what more to drink we…

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Michelberger Hotel ?>

Michelberger Hotel

I went to brunch with Payman today who I worked with at Berns and Laika in Stockholm earlier.. He’s been in town for the weekend and it was really nice to see him before he went back. Here’s a throwback to when he and some other friends from Stockholm was here last January 😛 My friend Joy borrowed the memory card for my camera this weekend when we did a little film project so I didn’t document the brunch today…

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Candelaria Paris ?>

Candelaria Paris

At 52 Rue de Saintonge in Paris lies the little Mexican hideaway Candelaria. My friend and eminent bartender colleague Tony Comas from Montpellieeeeeerrrr, used to work there back in 2015. I wish I came with him to Paris. Candelaria is simply an awesome place. To make things easier for you if you ever wanna visit this little nest, you should know that the cocktail bar is located behind a taco street food restaurant – a taqueria – where it’s crowded,…

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Le Comptoir Général ?>

Le Comptoir Général

I made it to Paris and I’m staying with a friend of a friend – Samuel – and his girl Morgan. They live in Mairie de Saint-Ouen a bit outside the city center and I’m so happy to be invited to stay with them! Yesterday me and Sam went for a walk in the city with his friend Alevtina and we passed by Le Comptoir Général. A huge space with three different bars where the atmosphere is fairy tale like…

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Barrio ?>


The autumn wind has come to Berlin and I’m – as each year – struck by the late summer blues. However in Stockholm it comes in mid august and here it didn’t kick in till now which I’m super grateful to. Summers’ longer in Germany Anyway, here’s a little post about my favourite roof top summer bar in Stockholm to reminisce over. Barrio – on top of Hornhuset in Hornstull. It’s a fantastic bar but unfortunately owned by Ahlboms who…

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F12 Terassen ?>

F12 Terassen

Well the season is over for this year and I missed a lot of Summer Stockholm living in Berlin, like the revival of the F12 Terrace that change the whole ambience of that beautiful venue COMPLETELY from last year to this. DOPE! When I was in Stockholm I managed to get there 5 times in one week cuz the people, music, vibe and spot is just awesome. Too much love and fun to resist! I haven’t been to F12 for…

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FvF Cooks: Letherbee Distillers ?>

FvF Cooks: Letherbee Distillers

I’m lucky to be working side by side with the talented, kickass Chicago bartender Celina Marie Dzyacky at Melody Nelson in Mitte, Berlin. She is brand ambassador and representative of Letherbee Distillers – a Chicago based distillery with focus on gin, bësk, fernet and absinthe who ships overseas and can nowadays be found in Germany and Denmark, and hopefully they get to Sweden and Stockholm soon too! We have their products at Melody Nelson and I’m especially in awe of their…

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