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The Sazerac – by Adam Peleg ?>

The Sazerac – by Adam Peleg

WAOWAOWAOW check this out! I’m super thrilled to share with you the first ever guest piece here at TINASHINE.COM; a review of the very very old school cocktail called the Sazerac, written by my new dear friend Adam Peleg! Adam is a true cocktail enthusiast and it has been a pleasure sharing recipes, stories and knowledge about cocktails and the bar scene with him over these past few weeks in Stockholm. If you ever join any of Substitutet’s parties you’ll…

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Söderblandning ?>


I’m in Gnesta now, and this is my little writing cabin for the rest of my stay in Sweden, before I take off to Paris to attend a course in creative writing. It’s a course in Swedish held by the renowned Stig Larsson and Cyril Hellman who together have a podcast – of which I’m a big fan Cyril & Stig – I otakt med samtiden So it’s time to get to work, and here I will find peace to…

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Aromatic Bitters ?>

Aromatic Bitters

I just found this website called PUNCH and they write some interesting pieces on various topics connected to bartending and the business. Here’s one on aromatic bitters! “Today, a dozen seems quaint. There are easily over 50 different brands producing hundreds of flavors of bitters, with more brands coming to market every year. Variations on the more common aromatic and orange varieties have spawned a spectrum of flavors covering every riff on citrus, spice and vegetal imaginable. “If you can think…

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All grape juice is white whether the skin is red or not. When you make red wine you leave the skin in the pressing of the grapes by which the red wine receives its red color, since raw grape juice is always clear. The process is called Maceration and refers to the method in wine-making where the natural compounds of the grape- such as tannins and coloring agents (anthocyanins) and flavor compounds—are leached from the grape skins (and even the…

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Kaitlin Wilkes and her Gonzo Cocktail ?>

Kaitlin Wilkes and her Gonzo Cocktail

This is Kaitlin Wilkes. We actually never met in person until a few days ago, yet I feel we’re friends already and for that I thank social media. I’ve been following her online lately, with curiosity and admiration for her style and passion for bartending. She’s pretty much been on a world tour recently featuring a rum based high ball she named Gonzo. So why is this? And why have I been tracking her down here in Berlin finally? Well,…

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Matcha Tea ?>

Matcha Tea

Matcha tea is a Japanese fine ground green tea of high quality and contains lots of antioxidants, such as polyphenoles and minerals that lowers blood pressure and help digestion. At the beginning of April, the first new shoots of the season appear at the tips of the Camellia sinensis tea plant.  The tea plants are completely shaded for about 20 days using a large overhead framework of reed screens and rice straw.  The harvest of matcha tea take place in early…

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The Piña Colada ?>

The Piña Colada

Ooooh last night I was at Twinpigs saying hi to friends and old colleagues! What a lovely night. There was Caribbean vibes on with DJs playing a bit of back beats/calypso/conga tracks and behind the bar William and Matt made delicious Piña Coladas! It’s a drink you’ve all herd of, and it has a quite bad reputation partly because there is as many recipes of Piña Colada as there are hobby bartenders.. It was ruined in the 80s, but actually…

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Gordon + Kombucha ?>

Gordon + Kombucha

Last Friday I used GORDON as office. It’s a café/restaurant/recordstore on Allerstraße 11 in Neukölln and they host different types of interesting events such as film screenings, café lectures, exhibiting various artist and pays great homage to vinyl through selling them in the venue and inviting DJs on a regular monthly basis to play. So one Friday each month it’s a great place to kick off the weekend at! *tips* Anyhow, I had my first taste of Kombucha at Gordon,…

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🍇 🍇 Oh Cognac – what a fine spirit you are. Such an elegant fragrance and flavour, made from grape, French, super classy and at the same time G. Cognac simply has it all. Wouldn’t you agree? Ok let me guide you through how this grape distillate is produced, the history of it – yeah what kind of booze cognac really is. Then I’ll go on talking about regions and letters. I’ll tell you a bit about whats up with…

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The Dry Martini ?>

The Dry Martini

Dry Martini – the cocktail of cocktails. Everyone knows this classy classic, or at least what it looks like. Clear spirits and an olive in a cocktail glass – later the style of glass was named after the drink it served the most, people refereed to it as a martini glass. You have probably heard about everything from Dry Martini and Vesper to Martinez, Vodka martini, Appletini, French Martini etc etc and what these drinks have in common is that…

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