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Gordon + Kombucha ?>

Gordon + Kombucha

Last Friday I used GORDON as office. It’s a café/restaurant/recordstore on Allerstraße 11 in Neukölln and they host different types of interesting events such as film screenings, café lectures, exhibiting various artist and pays great homage to vinyl through selling them in the venue and inviting DJs on a regular monthly basis to play. So one Friday each month it’s a great place to kick off the weekend at! *tips* Anyhow, I had my first taste of Kombucha at Gordon,…

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🍇 🍇 Oh Cognac – what a fine spirit you are. Such an elegant fragrance and flavour, made from grape, French, super classy and at the same time G. Cognac simply has it all. Wouldn’t you agree? Ok let me guide you through how this grape distillate is produced, the history of it – yeah what kind of booze cognac really is. Then I’ll go on talking about regions and letters. I’ll tell you a bit about whats up with…

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The Dry Martini ?>

The Dry Martini

Dry Martini – the cocktail of cocktails. Everyone knows this classy classic, or at least what it looks like. Clear spirits and an olive in a cocktail glass – later the style of glass was named after the drink it served the most, people refereed to it as a martini glass. You have probably heard about everything from Dry Martini and Vesper to Martinez, Vodka martini, Appletini, French Martini etc etc and what these drinks have in common is that…

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Greetings all you gin lovers! Did you know Stockholm has its own gin distillery?! It’s called STOCKHOLMS BRÄNNERI and the people behind it are the newly wed Anna and Calle. They are located on Folkungagatan 136 and share an old car and bike workshop together with Modernist Brewery. Soon, hopefully, one can enjoy gin and beer tastings and after work sessions in this bright and trendy venue. It’s just a matter of paper work, you know, permissions and such 😉…

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Basics in pairing red wine with food ?>

Basics in pairing red wine with food

I watched a clip with Maya Samuelson from a Swedish news morning show where she explained how to think when combining red wine with food. Here’s the basic things to bare in mind: Generally we drink white wine to fish and red to meat, of course there are exceptions, but there is a reason to this and it has to to with dryness. It’s the feeling of how dry the wine makes it feel in your mouth when you drink…

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Mezcal Clan55 ?>

Mezcal Clan55

Fiona , the bar manager at Aunt Benny, invited me to “Meet the maker” at their café last Wednesday. The makers they referred to was the Mezcal Clan55 masters. I met Marco – one of the founders, and Christian who is the brand ambassador and travells the world to spread a humble word about their clan. Clan55 is a high proof agave distillate on 55% with 55 people working together in the production process that starts with cultivating and picking…

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4 shades of BROWN ?>

4 shades of BROWN

Happy international GT day 😀 Wheeeeee! Apparently the 9th of April is dedicated to Gin & Tonic. And I who just started liking it just have to pay a tribute to this drink on this day. The drink Gin & Tonic is said to origin from India where Brittish soldiers in the early 19th century was given a very bitter tonic with quinine bark from South America to prevent malaria disease. They mixed the tonic with water, sugar, lime and…

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A visit to Our/Berlin Vodka distillery ?>

A visit to Our/Berlin Vodka distillery

”It’s like a family thing, Our thing” A couple of weeks ago I visited Our/Berlin Vodka distillery in Treptow to meet Fabian Dieker and get a glimpse of their business and vodka production. He thinks the best thing about the company is the over all vibe of the brand. It’s urban and open minded. ”Like a family thing, Our thing” 😉 Our Vodka by our Berlin is the first micro distillery in a series based on local vodka production featuring…

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Ljunggren, Gin & Indigo ?>

Ljunggren, Gin & Indigo

I spend my last night in Stockholm at the Japanese Restaurant Ljunggren, located at Götgatan 36. There I worked as a food runner in the spring of 2013. I was my first job within the restaurant industry and I was 24. A couple of years before that I met my childhood friend Oscar Engedahl who planted the seed within me of becoming a bartender. So this post is a tribute to him and his dedication for the profession and for…

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An introduction to coffee ?>

An introduction to coffee

Coffee is what makes me get out of bed in the morning. We have a really strong coffee culture in Scandinavia and Swedes are generally addicted to this drink. I’m a real coffee junkie anyway, I usually drink like 5 cups a day. Today I’ve already had 3 cups. My love for coffee grew with my knowledge for it. I worked in a tea-and-coffee shop in my hometown Gustavsberg (on the coast of Sthlm) and there I learnt a lot…

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