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Happy Midsummer everyone!!!! 😄🌺🌿🌸☀️💦 This year I keep it alcohol frei! So I made some fresh juice cocktails made of centrifuged organic fruit! No 1: Strawberry Rhubarb Carrot Apple Orange Ginger Lime Mint No 2: Strawberry Rhubarb Orange Lemon Sage  

Frozen Yoghurt ?>

Frozen Yoghurt

I made frozen yoghurt for breakfast today. Super easy and delicious! 🙃 Frozen Yoghurt: Frozen banana Frozen raspberries Skyr Coconut Milk Ice    

Chrysanthemum Ice Tea ?>

Chrysanthemum Ice Tea

I made tea on dried chrysanthemum flowers and some kind of Chinese herbal tea last night and let it sit in the fridge over night. Today I just added lemon juice, sugar syrup and ice!   Chrysanthemum Ice Tea: 40ml lemon juice 30ml sugar syrup Chrysanthemum and herbal tea blend ✴︎ brew the tea and let sit in the fridge over night ✴︎ pour the cold tea over a glass with lemon, sugar and ice      

Home made plum lemonade ?>

Home made plum lemonade

Me and my mother made plum cordial yesterday so now I’m enjoying plum lemonade all day long We have the whole freezer filled with plums from our garden in Gnesta we picked last summer 1 liter plum cordial: 2 liter (approx. 1 kg) plums3 dl water 6 dl 1 small tea spoon sodium benzoat ✴︎ fill the bottles you’ll use with hot water for disinfection ✴︎ boil the water and rinsed plums, reduce the heat and let sit on the…

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Raspberry Tonic ?>

Raspberry Tonic

This is a new non alcoholic cocktail I made last night at Twinpigs with fresh fruit juices, raspberry and tonic water. Raspberry Tonic: 40 ml lemon juice 20 ml pink grapefruit juice 20 ml orange juice 15 ml raspberry puré 10 ml sugar syrup 10 ml Luxardo maraschino cherry sugar syrup egg white ✴︎ dry shake the ingredients (no ice) ✴︎ hard shake on ice and strain over tumbler with ice ✴︎ top with tonic water ✴︎ garnish with whatever…

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Ice coffee with pink grapefruit ?>

Ice coffee with pink grapefruit

I made an ice coffee this afternoon with some ingredients I found at home. The coffee I used, a Yirgacheffe from Ethiopia, has a natural bitterness and acidity that I enhanced with pink grapefruit juice. To sweeten it up I made a suger syrup on white sugar, lots of chocolate bitter and bay leafs. Bay leafs is such an autumn flavour and it has that earthy touch that went perfectly well with chocolate bitter and coffee. I also added some fresh ginger…

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Twinpigs, Lemoncat and Pink Kaffir ?>

Twinpigs, Lemoncat and Pink Kaffir

Yesterday I worked with Pär and Matt from Twinpigs at an event in Mitte hosted by Lemoncat – a Berlin based catering portal you can contact if you’re looking for food/drinks to your party. We did 3 cocktails – Helmut and Pepperthyme Smash we have at Twinpigs menu and the third one was a premixed batch inspired by the Negroni that Matt prepared before the event and it contained gin, blood orange, grapefruit, Aperol and Lemon that we served with a dried…

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Tie me up ?>

Tie me up

A deep purple non alcoholic fruit story. Btw, skip the garnish on this one, that slice of cucumber didn’t do much for the eye really. Sometimes less is more. Tie me up: 50 ml fresh orange juice 20 ml lemon juice 10 ml orgeat syrup 3 slices of cucumber 6 mint leafs 4 fresh blackberries 3 dashes of Peychaud’s bitters (contains alcohol) ✴︎ muddle the fruit and mint in the shaker with the liquid ✴︎ hard shake on ice  (I…

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A 日本の Mocktail ?>

A 日本の Mocktail

Ok so I’m on day 4 without alcohol and I must say I feel fucking fabulous!! It’s so nice to wake up not being hung over. But yeah I also already miss drinking alcohol, hopefully I’ll drink more moderately after these 40 days being sober. That’s the goal anyway So I made me and my colleague Joy some mocktails during our shift at Melody Nelson last Saturday. Melody Nelson is located at Novalisstraße 2 in Mitte and lies next door…

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TB Strawberry season! ?>

TB Strawberry season!

2. Good morning yawl. Thanks for the feedback and likes of my new page guys, so sweet of you As I said, I love this business! I also LOVE cocktails and alcohol. I always wanna learn more about booze and about the cultural manifestations around drinks and drinking, not only alcohol based but there is just something extra about them, right. It’s a kinda weird relationship I have with alcohol. When I was 17 I knew already I drank too…

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