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A 日本の Mocktail ?>

A 日本の Mocktail

Ok so I’m on day 4 without alcohol and I must say I feel fucking fabulous!! It’s so nice to wake up not being hung over. But yeah I also already miss drinking alcohol, hopefully I’ll drink more moderately after these 40 days being sober. That’s the goal anyway So I made me and my colleague Joy some mocktails during our shift at Melody Nelson last Saturday. Melody Nelson is located at Novalisstraße 2 in Mitte and lies next door…

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TB Strawberry season! ?>

TB Strawberry season!

2. Good morning yawl. Thanks for the feedback and likes of my new page guys, so sweet of you As I said, I love this business! I also LOVE cocktails and alcohol. I always wanna learn more about booze and about the cultural manifestations around drinks and drinking, not only alcohol based but there is just something extra about them, right. It’s a kinda weird relationship I have with alcohol. When I was 17 I knew already I drank too…

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Basil lemonade with Kaj-kahn ?>

Basil lemonade with Kaj-kahn

Kaj is on a quick visit in Berlin and he stayed at mine tonight. If you ever do, you can count on getting spoiled cuz I love having friends over and to make awesome breakfasts! Today we had ice cream, really good sandwiches and basil lemonade. Just shake some fresh lemon juice and suger syrup (measure after your own taste) and add some basil, ice and water in a glass jar you can seal and shake like crazy for a…

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Red Currant Cordial ?>

Red Currant Cordial

I spent a few days in Småland with the family I used to live with in Berlin, they have a farm there and lots of berry bushes! How nice isn’t it to pick berries from nature!!! I made a red currant cordial for making lemonades (or to use in cocktails) and I brought some to Stockholm! Super delicious! I didn’t use a cloth-strainer which is ideal to really get it “clean”/”smooth” but it totally worked with a juicer too! ❤︎ ❤︎…

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Strawberry season! ?>

Strawberry season!

Good morning!! 😀 I woke up not long ago (worked late last night as usual) and found a few left over strawberries in the fridge so I shook up a super fresh morning cocktail on them and some orange and lemon juice. The recipe’s above. Love this time a year when strawberries are in season. It’s one of the best flavours in the world for realz yo. ❤︎ ❤︎ God morgon! Vaknade för ett litet tag sen (jobbade sent igår som…

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Simple ice coffee ?>

Simple ice coffee

Heeeeeeey! How good is ice coffee hey?! And super easy to make!! Make a suger syrup – my tip is to make like 1 liter and save so you always have access to cold sugar syrup, it doesn’t get old so. Brew coffee and cool it in the freezer for a little while, pour it into a jar or some kind of container with a lid, add some milk, fill with ice and shake hard. Done! Drink! Enjoy! PUSS! ❤︎ ❤︎…

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