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Happy Midsummer everyone!!!! 😄🌺🌿🌸☀️💦 This year I keep it alcohol frei! So I made some fresh juice cocktails made of centrifuged organic fruit! No 1: Strawberry Rhubarb Carrot Apple Orange Ginger Lime Mint No 2: Strawberry Rhubarb Orange Lemon Sage  

Strawberry fields ?>

Strawberry fields

Last summer we made an amazing cocktail at Twinpigs, here’s the recipe: Strawberry fields: 40 ml patxaran 20 ml vodka 30 ml lemon juice 10 ml sugar syrup 15 strawberry campari puree egg white ✴︎ dry shake the ingredients without ice ✴︎ shake it on ice and double strain over a cocktail glass 🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓

The Rose ?>

The Rose

The Rose: 40 ml vodka 15 ml Campari 30 ml lemon juice 20 ml strawberry, rose syrup with creole bitter* egg white soda water ✴︎ dry shake all ingredients (except the soda water) without ice ✴︎ add ice and shake again ✴︎ strain over tumbler with ice cubes and top with soda water ✴︎ garnish with rose buds *I cooked around 250 ml sugar syrup on white sugar and mashed a few strawberries in the pot, then I added maybe…

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TB – The Brandy Crusta ?>

TB – The Brandy Crusta

🔥 MY FAVORITE COCKTAIL 🔥   Brandy Crusta: 50 ml Cognac 15 ml Cointreau 05 ml Maraschino liqueur 15 ml lemon juice 4 – 8 dashes of Angostura bitter ✴︎ Hard shake on ice ✴︎ double strain over sugar rimmed small wineglass / fancy glass of some kind ✴︎ garnish with big piece of lemon peel that rest along the inside ”walls” of the glass ✴︎ drink and enjoy!  

Dilled Sour and Bitter Basilikum ?>

Dilled Sour and Bitter Basilikum

Thank you OP Anderson for being part of our party in Copenhagen last week when Ljudpoolen and Levande Charaders from Stockholm threw a fabulous after party on a house boat in connection to the street festival Distortion. We had a blast!!!! And the drinks were highly appreciated. After hours at a freaking house boat in Copenhagen Harbor calls, indeed, for proper cocktails. I brought my shakers from Berlin and provided what was needed to fulfill this amazing night. Here are…

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Boulevardier ?>


This is a super easy cocktail to make. Just swap the gin in a Negroni for Bourbon or Rye Whiskey and Voila: Boulevardier! It is a delicious drink and a perfect appetizer! I use Bulleit Bourbon in this one, and Antica Formula (which is one of the best sweet vermouth’s I think)! ❤︎ ❤︎ Boulevardier: 30 ml Bourbon or Rye Whiskey 30 ml Campari 30 ml Sweet Vermouth ✴︎ Stir the ingredients with ice in a rocks glass ✴︎ Garnish with an…

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Kaitlin Wilkes represents Sweden in Bacardi Legacy 2017 ?>

Kaitlin Wilkes represents Sweden in Bacardi Legacy 2017

This is Kaitlin Wilkes. We actually never met in person until a few days ago, yet I feel we’re friends already and for that I thank social media. I’ve been following her online lately, with curiosity and admiration for her style and passion for bartending. She’s pretty much been on a world tour recently featuring a rum based high ball she named Gonzo. So why is this? And why have I been tracking her down here in Berlin finally? Well,…

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Grappa Sour ?>

Grappa Sour

Yesterday I was studying with my friend Marika and after the library she treated me to lunch at her collective studio, where there were hosting some kind of event later on and had grappa sours on the menu!

 We made a test version before the real deal   Grappa sour: 50 ml grappa 30 ml lime juice 20 ml sockerlag Egg white 2 dashes of Paychaud’s bitter ✴︎ Dry shake ✴︎ Shake on ice ✴︎ Strain  

TB Matcha Sour ?>

TB Matcha Sour

A throw back to last years bartender rendezvous at Our/Berlin where we played around with recipes. Here’s one I came up with, based on matcha tea infused vodka. However it can be made on the tea without vodka too and you have a detoxing matcha lemonade. Matcha sour: 40 ml Our/Berlin Vodka – Matcha tea infusion 30 ml fresh lemon juice 10 ml honey 10 ml sugar syrup ✴︎ muddle fresh ginger, mint and woodruff (myskmadra in Swedish) ✴︎ add the…

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Planning the future at Gordon! ?>

Planning the future at Gordon!

I met Doron the other day after a visit to Our/Berlin Distillery, and we tried out some drinks at Gordon for when they move next door and expand their activity! Gordon is an Israeli café and record store located in Schillerkiez/ Neukölln, Berlin. They already have a drink on their menu called the White Gordon and it’s a hot and creamy, non alcoholic milk drink with cornstarch. This type of drink is called Sahleb and derives from the Ottoman empire…

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