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Hot toddy ?>

Hot toddy

I’m so homesick today. I’ve been dragging on a slight fever for some time now, and it’s pulling me in and out of this rather week state, and today I have a strong longing for Swedish winter and nature. This time last year I was spending two months in Sweden, living with my parents on the coast of Stockholm and staying alone for some time in their country house 1 hour south of Stockholm.. and oh I miss that time….

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‘Groggen’ at Häktet Vänster ?>

‘Groggen’ at Häktet Vänster

Before leaving Stockholm I made sure to pay Svante a visit at Häktet Vänster, Hornsgatan 82, – a kind of speak easy bar that I used to drink at back in 2014 when I lived and worked in Stockholm. It’s a charming little den, and last Saturday was the last night they displayed their over the top super taky Chirstmas decorations – that I adored! My friend Niklas joined me at the bar and we had two cocktails from their…

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OVOLO MULE – Bloggers workshop Hong Kong ?>

OVOLO MULE – Bloggers workshop Hong Kong

Two weeks ago today, me and Tony hosted a workshop on bartending for a bunch of Hong Kong food- and drinks bloggers at soon-to-re-open Komune restaurnat & bar in Ovolo Southside Hotel, Hong Kong. We made an Ovolo Mule for the bloggers to enjoy, before they got to come around the bar and mix a drink from the signature cocktail menu that Cocktail Professor created for the hotel. The Ovolo Mule is a twist on the Moscow Mule which is…

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2 years ago we celebrated Christmas at ours, in Gustavsberg. I had a little cocktail session / workshop with my younger brother Billy, and we made a drink on dark rum and cloudberries. Today we’re going to my cousin’s dad’s tiny little apartment in Stockholm city and after that I’ll be going to a rave with my friends. So nice to be in Stockholm – I love this city!   The Golden North: 40ml dark rum 10ml dry sherry 20ml…

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TB – Mama Shine’s Lux Concoction ?>

TB – Mama Shine’s Lux Concoction

Back in winter land! And Christmas is at the door step which means hot beverage like Glögg is to be fully enjoyed! Here’s a throw back to when me, Tony (the other Tony in my life) and Sean celebrated Lucia last year at Sean’s and we made Dry Martinis and a must successful glögg, that I choose to call ‘Mama Shine’s Lux Concotion’ 🌟 Mama Shine’s Lux Concoction –The Aquavit Edition- 750 cml Rioja wine 200 ml OP Anderson Akvavit…

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Emil Åreng & Hernö Gin in Hong Kong ?>

Emil Åreng & Hernö Gin in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong cocktail bar- scene is so incredible! I’m blown away. There’s so many interesting places to visit and so many exciting products to try. Last week me and Tony went out with Maxi (bar manager at Komune, Ovolo Southside Hotel) and his girlfriend Akie. We met for a drink at Dr. Fern’s Gin Parlour – a speakeasy specialized in gin. Hernö Gin – a handcrafted gin from northern Sweden, was in town and we had a little tasting…

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Celeste ?>


Hellooooo! I have been so swamped with school work (German), bar management at Gordon and organizing everything concerning my departure to Hong Kong! I leave on Monday and I have managed to find the best ever substitute for me while I’m gone! I will introduce him further on. But for now, I want to share a wonderful (I must say) winter cocktail recipe I made for Twinpigs last year. Since it’s December 1st, I thought Celest would suit perfectly since…

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The first GLÖGG of the year ?>

The first GLÖGG of the year

I couldn’t hold it any longer.. I’ve made this years first batch of GLÖGG! Glögg is Swedish mulled wine! I let a reserva wine sit with bay leafs, pimento and black pepper for 2h before adding it to the rum soaked sugar I’d set on flame to caramelize. Then I added the rest of the rum and heated it all up with some chili, ginger, star anise, cloves and orange peel. I diluted the heavy and intensely flavoured liquid with…

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Der alkoholfreie grüne ?>

Der alkoholfreie grüne

I take a lot of pride in making non alcoholic cocktails. I don’t want you to only drink for the sake of how tipsy or drunk it will make you. The thing is, what you pay for when you go to a bar that makes proper cocktails is not only the centiliters of high volume spirits in the glass mixed with some fruit juices and liqueurs, it’s the whole experience! And by that I mean that you pay for the…

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Winter is coming ?>

Winter is coming

I had two friends over last night and we cooked an amazing dinner. And I made drinks! Winter is coming: 40 ml Bourbon 05 ml Glögg 05 ml Campari 10 ml raspberry lingonberry suryp with the juice from half a mandarin 5 dashes of chocolate bitters lemon peel ✴︎ stir all ingredients and strain over a chilled glass ✴︎ coat the rim of the glass with the lemon peel and discard it