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Detox Smoothie – Day 7 ?>

Detox Smoothie – Day 7

It’s the last day of my cleanse with liquid food! Life’s pretty good. Wish you a wonderful day 😘 Day 7: Pineapple Cantaloupe Banana Apple Beet root juice Soy rice milk Lemon Ginger Rosemary Mint Sage    

Detox Smoothie – Day 6 ?>

Detox Smoothie – Day 6

I got some frozen raspberries from Bio Company today and I juiced carrot and beetroot for my smoothie. The pulp went in the freezer and later on I’ll mix it with chickpeas and feta cheese for burgers. Looking forward to eat proper food again soon. Blessed! Day 6: Beetroot Carrott juice Grapefruit juice Orange juice Frozen raspberry Banana Yoghurt Basil

Detox Smoothie – Day 5 ?>

Detox Smoothie – Day 5

I’m on day 5 of my cleasne or detox or what have u. Today I bought a smoothie instead of making one my self. I’m out and about and currently hanging around at the library at Frankfurter Tor. Here’s some inspiration for a non-fruity smoothie, more on the nutty side. This one is from Goodies*coffee & healthy food on Warschauer Straße 69, Berlin. Day 5: Almond Dates Raw cacao Maca root powder Mint Coconut rice milk

Smoothie Detox – Day 4 ?>

Smoothie Detox – Day 4

Day 4! OMG I was out running this morning. Haven’t done that in like 2 years at least.. It was really nice. Morning sun, I brought my book and read in the park after some stretching 😎 Now I’m at Freddie’s studying while he’s hung over in bed reading a book. I love having him here in Berlin! Day4: Pineapple Coconut cream Soy rice milk Pink grapefruit Orange juice Banana Ginger Coconut flakes 1/2 Yellow pepper Tumeric    

Detox Smoothie – Day 3 ?>

Detox Smoothie – Day 3

I’m on day 3 of my cleanse or detox or whatever it’s called. It feel so good! Yesterday I had immense sugar cravings, and was quite hungry and tired all day, but today it’s alright. I feel light. And happy? Day 3: Watermelon Celery juice Orance juice Apple juice Broccoli Kiwi Banana Lamb lettuce Yoghurt Chia topping Soy rice milk Lemon Bourbon vanilla powder Ice  

Detox Smoothie – Day 2 ?>

Detox Smoothie – Day 2

It’s the second day of my detox. I have a final exam in the philosphy course I’ve been occupied with the last three weeks. And Valdemar also has an exam today at his school, but in music theory. We’re revising over breakfast. I made matcha tea and smoothies on a strawberry base with orange juice, banana and mint and matcha. Day 2: Strawberry Ginger Banana Mint Basil Orange juice Lime juice Matcha  

Detox Smoothie – Day 1 ?>

Detox Smoothie – Day 1

Helloooo! I’ve decided quite spontaneously to go on a detox week, starting from today. There’s so many different styles of detoxing and I’m not following any rules. just some guidelines in what to abstain from this week – and that is basically sugar, carbs, caffeine and alcohol. I will stick to liquid food, and when I feel better (have a cold) I’ll start exercising a bit again. However I’m still practicing my 40 days kundalini krya and today is day…

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Organic Smoothie – Pear & Mint ?>

Organic Smoothie – Pear & Mint

Heeeellooooo! Yesterday I met Andrea and Newday for a smoothie date! It was super nice hanging out making a super healty and delicious green smoothie. Andrea is also a yogi who’s into healthy food and she has a lovely and inspiring Instagram account where she combines yoga, food and flowers. Check it out: >> bashyfashy <<   Ingredients: Orange juice Pear Mint Kiwi Baby spinach Banana Coconut Agave Lemon Ginger Rice milk   Looking forward to our next smoothie session!…

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Organic Smoothie – Blackcurrant ?>

Organic Smoothie – Blackcurrant

Made a smoothie and started my correspondence course in German. Jetz werde ich Deutsch lernen! And I’ve got a new hair cut! 😀 Ingredients: Blackcurrant Avocado Banana Orange Ginger Tamarind paste Herbal tea Yoghurt Crussed chlorella (algea) Cardamom