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Organic Smoothie – Pear & Mint ?>

Organic Smoothie – Pear & Mint

Heeeellooooo! Yesterday I met Andrea and Newday for a smoothie date! It was super nice hanging out making a super healty and delicious green smoothie. Andrea is also a yogi who’s into healthy food and she has a lovely and inspiring Instagram account where she combines yoga, food and flowers. Check it out: >> bashyfashy <<   Ingredients: Orange juice Pear Mint Kiwi Baby spinach Banana Coconut Agave Lemon Ginger Rice milk   Looking forward to our next smoothie session!…

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Organic Smoothie – Blackcurrant ?>

Organic Smoothie – Blackcurrant

Made a smoothie and started my correspondence course in German. Jetz werde ich Deutsch lernen! And I’ve got a new hair cut! 😀 Ingredients: Blackcurrant Avocado Banana Orange Ginger Tamarind paste Herbal tea Yoghurt Crussed chlorella (algea) Cardamom

Organic Smoothie – Grapefruit ?>

Organic Smoothie – Grapefruit

I made a smoothie finally. Trying to get back to make smoothies more regularly since it’s undeniably extremely fresh with organic fruit. Delicious and healthy. Ingredients: Grapefruit Orange Lemon Banana Apple Ginger Basil Black sesame seeds Creole Bitter

back on track- smoothie ?>

back on track- smoothie

Yo. So I’ll try once again to start making smoothies and live a bit more healthy. It’s super tricky when you work full time with alcohol, but atm I’m not working and in March I’m going back to school (distance studies tho) and I need to start changing some routines and adjust to study life. That means less alcohol and more smoothies. So here’s a “get back on track” smoothie. It’s delicious and not complicated at all. Ingredients: Mango Galia…

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Birthday Breakfast ?>

Birthday Breakfast

Well Happy Birthday to me 🎉😄 When I woke up and went to the kitchen my roomie Tobi surprised me with  flowers, chocolate and candy 💖 So sweet! Birthday Smoothie: Banana Nectarine Fresh orange juice Fresh lime juice Honey Rosemary Lemon balm

Organic SmoothDay – Spring ?>

Organic SmoothDay – Spring

Wednesday. Organic Smoothday. Now spring’s finally here and I found organic strawberries at Bio Company and fucking hell how good they were! That taste is so deeply connected to summer and warmth and I truly feel the butterflies of spring joy going crazy in me. Time to let loose my inner Ronia Robbersdaughter (Wolfsdaughter would suit me better tho since my dad’s name is Ulf meaning wolf in old Norse) 😀 Ok so I kick off this spring with a…

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Organic SmoothDay – Gold ?>

Organic SmoothDay – Gold

Hellooooo Yesterday was Organic Smoothday. I made one that didn’t turn out nice neither in flavour nor in picture. And I couldn’t be bothered to make one today because it’s fucking finally spring and I wanted to drink my morning coffee out in the sunshine 😀 So I went down to the court yard and worked a little on a new little project, with coffee and a breakfast mäckish. But I still wanna give you a smoothie so here’s one I…

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Organic SmoothDay – Cocochoconana ?>

Organic SmoothDay – Cocochoconana

Today it’s Organic Smoothday and this week I made a banana smoothie with cold coffee, cacao powder, almond and coconut milk, a hazelnut nougat cream and lots of ice! I garnished it with dried coconut flakes and enjoyed my smoothie on the balcony where I sat in the sun reading for a while. Spring is coming, iiiiih! 😀 Banana is one of my favourite flavours in the world! Can’t believe I didn’t like it as a child?! This smoothie was…

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Organic SmoothDay – Cublue ?>

Organic SmoothDay – Cublue

Yay it’s Wednesday which means Organic Smoothday! Today I mad a cucumber/blueberry smoothie with avocado, spinach, basil, dill, orange juice, lime juice, agave and ginger. I peeled the cucumber and chopped half of it, the other half I juiced up and then put it in the blender with the other stuff. If you don’t have a juicer you can chop all the cucumber and just add some more orangejuice or water to get enough liquid for the right consistency of…

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