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Tina Shine in Hong Kong ?>

Tina Shine in Hong Kong

I HAVE AN ANNOUNCEMENT! I’M GOING TO HONG KONG! I will work for Cocktail Professor on one of their projects for two weeks. They are an international bar consultancy company or a “Creative hospitality agency with services for bars & hotels, events & hospitality brands.“- in their own words, and the founders are a dutch couple that my friend and bartender colleague Tony Comas introduced me to in Paris in September. Tony has been working for them back and forth…

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I’m off alcohol for a week ?>

I’m off alcohol for a week

Ok I need a little break from drinking. Lately I’ve been slacking with school work and my morning routines (my self-composed kundalini yoga practice) and even though I’m having a lot of fun nowadays with new working place and living situation and all – drinking to much just inevitably makes you feel kinda hollow. So I’m taking a week off to get back into some well missed routine and sentiments but I’ll be working at Gordon as usual making delicious…

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The world’s 50 most popular cocktails ?>

The world’s 50 most popular cocktails

“Every year, Drinks International, a trade publication for the alcohol industry, gathers data on the top bars around the world. The result is an ever-shifting who’s who of cocktails that tells the story of which drinks are in vogue and which are falling out of favor.” list the 50 most popular cocktails of the world! I was just thinking about which of these are my favorites and it’s really difficult to keep the list short since many of them…

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Emil Åreng – Scandinavia’s best bartender writes a blog ?>

Emil Åreng – Scandinavia’s best bartender writes a blog

Well unfortunately for all you who don’t speak Swedish this guy just started blogging – he’s a bartender wizard with a northern sense of humor and he’s (from what I’ve herd) quite crazy – and I have a thing for crazy people! You’ll find him writing for Café >> EMIL.CAFE.SE << I’m intrigued to follow the updates on his life as a bartender. I love my trade and Emil is an inspiration and a reminder of how amazing a life…

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Settled down.. For now! ?>

Settled down.. For now!

Settled down.. For now 🔮 It’s been so hectic lately with work and school, but finally I’ve moved over my stuff from the old room in Friedrichshain to my new place in Treptow. So satisfied and ready for winter!  

5 Eco friendly cocktails from ?>

5 Eco friendly cocktails from

“Bartenders are rethinking the carbon footprint associated with drink slinging and doing everything from tossing plastic straws to using previously discarded ingredients in their creations, such as lime peels and cherry pits. These are five zero-waste cocktails you should try now.” Are Earth-Friendly Cocktails Possible? These 5 No-Waste Cocktails Might Be the Answer.  

Tonight at Gordon! ?>

Tonight at Gordon!

Tonight we have another event to promote our menus at Gordon. Come and enjoy food and drinks for very reasonable prices 😁 Gordon – modern Israeli/Yemeni cuisine Allerstraße 11 U-Bahn: Leinestraße

TB Bar Hommage at Twinpigs ?>

TB Bar Hommage at Twinpigs

I’m sad I didn’t have the chance to go to Bar Convent Berlin this year to reconnect with people in the bar scenes of Sweden, France, England and meet bartenders, spirit makers, brand ambassadors and speakers and teachers of the bar industry from the rest of the world… I didn’t get hold of a ticket to the fair and I also had a lot to handle with the sneak-peak party of Gordon where I manage the bar. It was a…

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