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Cocktail Workshop

Last night me and Celina held a cocktail workshop at Melody Nelson, it was this company who gave it to their members of staff as a little holiday treat.

If you wanna learn about cocktails and bartending and mix some drinks yourself with you friends, staff, support group or who ever, I can teach you everything from what a cocktail really is to shaking techniques and booze knowledge.

It’s a win win – you’ll get to drink some nice cocktails and the knowledge needed to impress your next date by casually discussing dry martinis and gin varieties with the bartender… and I get paid.

Last night we talked about the whiskey sour, jupels and the mojito as well as the dry martini to cover shaken, built and stirred drinks and some of the attendants came around the bar to make their own drinks.

If this sound like fun,

Call or email me and we’ll set it up!
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