Destillat STHLM 2017 ?>

Destillat STHLM 2017

Last Friday I went to visit my friends at Niklas and Niclas at Destillat STHLM – a booze convent in the heart of Stockholm where the worlds leading liquor producers offers tastings to the visitors. It was held 17 – 18 of February at Waterfront Hotel and in comparison to other bar fairs and convents I’ve visited it was a rather calm event, one could tell that it was a fair that attracted branch people and connoisseurs rather than leather vests wanting to get drunk on whiskey before sunset, if you get what I mean. However I must admit I got shit faced in the end and left at 9pm but until then I think I behaved pretty well.

I met two friends and we explored the fair together. My favourite stop was Grönstedts where Niclas represented the old Swedish cognac blend. The blending used to take place in Sundsvall in Sweden but since 2008 even the blending needs to be done in Cognac to be classified as proper Cognac. I will tell you more about Gröndstedts and cognac in general in a post next week, for now you’ll have to settle with a tour around Destillat. What I liked about Grönstedts booth was that it was so colourful with all the fruit and I’m automatically drawn to colour I guess. One could part take in mixing Cognac Summit’s – a drink on cognac and lemonade with ginger and cucumber, and there was various liqueurs and yeah fruit to add for personal touch. Fun!

Larsen cognac is Norwegian and also under the same company Altia – Folk o folk who distribute Grönstedts, OP Anderson, Fernet and many other famous brands. At Larsen I found Niklas, and old friend of mine who I frequently returned to not only because he’s a sweetheart but also since he offered sidecars, one of my favourite classic cocktails on cognac, cointreau, lemon and sugar.

Me and my two friends went tasting almost everything at the fair and even took a short gin sprinkled sauna. It was a great day and a great fair. If you’re interested in getting to know the products and the business of booze better, get a ticket next year!

And yes they sold beer at the fair too.

A tips is to eat something before.


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