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Last Monday I did a guest shift at Glass, on 7 Rue Frochot, Pigalle. It’s a cocktail bar for everyone, unpretentious and raw with kind of a punk-attitude that is welcoming rather than repellent, and it’s Paris’ bartenders hotspot; the place where people working in the industry can go after work or on a night off, and stretch out. It’s open to 4am  from Sunday to Thursday and to 5am on Fridays and Saturdays.

I had so much fun working with Joseph behind the bar, serving all these amazing guest and at around 2 – 3pm people from the sister bars arrived and made the night unforgettable! Glass is owned by the same group that has Candelaria, Le Marie Celeste, Les Grands Verres, Hero and now also Little Red Door and Palais de Tokyo (if I’m not mistaken), and the name of this group is Quixotic Projects – established in 2011 in Paris by Carina Soto Velasquez, Joshua Fontaine, Adam Tsou.

“Quixotic Projects is a creative community that builds soulful, idiosyncratic businesses by weaving the passion of our chefs, bartenders, designers, craftsmen and hospitality professionals into a time, a place and a memorable guest experience.”


It’s an interesting and inspiring project indeed. I’m lucky to have been invited to take over one of their bars for a night! 🤘🏼 We had a lot of fun!

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