Or Swedish mulled wine or glühwine is basically the same thing but with another sweetness and depth in flavour that it’s English and German sister concoctions. Glögg is a brew name after the Swedish word glödga, which means “to mull” and it’s inevitably then served steaming hot.

I love this drink! Every end-of-the-year this cozy, sweet and yet spicy hot beverage is like a mid winter guide leading up to Christmas and I’m very grateful for Blossa’s generosity, having sent me two bottles of Blossas Vinglögg and pretty much saved my Christmas. Well you can get glögg in IKEA in Germany, but it’s a low quality one and can pretty much be compared to the glühwine and it just doesn’t tickle my fancy really. So blessed be Blossa!

If you fancy some glögg in these times Nordic Spirits offers the whole range of Blossa, luckily 🙂

“According to an old tradition, glögg was made by dipping a sugarloaf in spirits and mulling it in spiced wine, the preparation method from which the drink got its name. The citrus fruits, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom and ginger used to season glögg were also common spices in the late 1800s.”

Well, there you go!



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