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Gnesta Bistro

I went to my parents country house on Friday with a friend, and yesterday I followed her to the center of Gnesta where she took the train back to Stockholm and I went for a drink at Bistro Gnesta while waiting for another friend to come visit me.
I ordered a double espresso and 2cl Zacapa. It’s a dark rum from Guatemala and has a lovely caramel sweetness.

Coffee + dark rum = <3

I’ve never been to Bistro Gnesta before and it was nice to meet the staff and the owner Robban, who opened the restaurant 2,5 years ago and a coffee bar is connected to it. They don’t have cocktails on the menu, Robban told me when I asked for one and filled in “this is Gnesta after all” with a smile, and I was satisfied with my double espresso and rum.

The room is spacious and well planned and I liked that the back bar covers the front wall so as a guest sitting at the bar one could gaze out on the street behind. It was fully booked last night so I assume one ought to reserve tables to secure a spot. They are open for lunch during the week but evening service is only offered Friday and Saturday, with the opening times
4pm – 11pm.

I’m sure gonna bring my parents there soon for a bite from their menu. Classic Swedish/French style.

Bistro Gnesta
Västra Storgatan 2
Telefon: 0158-204 66


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