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Gordon + Kombucha

Last Friday I used GORDON as office. It’s a café/restaurant/recordstore on Allerstraße 11 in Neukölln and they host different types of interesting events such as film screenings, café lectures, exhibiting various artist and pays great homage to vinyl through selling them in the venue and inviting DJs on a regular monthly basis to play. So one Friday each month it’s a great place to kick off the weekend at! *tips*

Anyhow, I had my first taste of Kombucha at Gordon, and even though I was displeased by the texture of jelly-like part of the “mother” or SCOBY – “symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast” – that was quite appalling to swallow, the drink had a rather fresh taste and above all (in my own secret way) I could instantly tell this drink will do me good. I found a blog where one can learn how to make it at home.

The health aspects of it are remarkable and it seems to have an over 2000 years history in China. Anyway, with all these health boosting liquids I always try to observe how they resonate in my system/body and I’m careful pointing them out as cure to this and that, since our constitutions are different and I don’t have a degree in like anatomy/medicine or whatever, you get what I mean… But for me, Kombucha is a YES.

If you wanna learn more I found this interesting read about it:

And if you’ll make it yourself it’s wise to study the risks of handling the production in a non-sterile environment.

“Kombucha also carries the possibility to exert a wide variety of negative effects due to mishandling of the fungal and bacterial strains used in its production.”

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