Home made plum lemonade ?>

Home made plum lemonade

Me and my mother made plum cordial yesterday so now I’m enjoying plum lemonade all day long :) We have the whole freezer filled with plums from our garden in Gnesta we picked last summer

1 liter plum cordial:
2 liter (approx. 1 kg) plums3 dl water
6 dl
1 small tea spoon sodium benzoat
✴︎ fill the bottles you’ll use with hot water for disinfection
✴︎ boil the water and rinsed plums, reduce the heat and let sit on the stove for 10 min while stirring (press the plums against the pot to extract the juices)
✴︎ strain through a kitchen towel for 30 min
✴︎ put the cordial back into the pot, add the sugar and preservative, let sit for 5 min on reduced heat
✴︎ use a slotted spoon and skim well
✴︎ tap the cordial on bottles and seal at once to shut out air and reduce the risk of formation of mold
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