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TB Into the wild



Last week Phil came over – a friend and colleague from Melody Nelson – who I’ll do the bar with at Wilde Möhre Festival on 12th – 14th of August. We inaugurated my bar-wagon and tested a few combinations for what will come to be our signature cocktail. Wilde möhre means wild carrot in German and therefor we choose to base the drink on carrot juice.

The recipe’s below!

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Into the wild:
40 ml Light rum
20 ml lemon juice
10 ml cinnamon syrup
30 ml carrot juice
2 dash of orange bitter
✴︎ muddle ginger in the shaker
✴︎ hard shake on ice
✴︎ double strain over highball glass with ice cubes
✴︎ top with ginger beer
✴︎ garnish with fresh ginger


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