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La Banchina Copenhagen

I wanna take you back to Copenhagen for a visit to Christiania and La Banchina – a little restaurant on Refshalevej 141a, with a sauna and a wide wooden jetty – from which one could jump into the salty, cold water, and also enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks and coffee at. After we wrapped up the last in the cleaning mission on the houseboat we rented for Ljudpoolen and Levande Charaders party, we went to Christiania to enjoy the good weather and nature in the beautiful free spirited part of Copenhagen that still vibrates of a respect for the collective conscious and community.

We went to eat a simple lunch at a family-run organic restaurant where the staff was very friendly and, luckily, also very tolerant with our crews indecisiveness after a long day and night’s work and party. Some went home after the lunch rest of us went to chill by the water. We had some beers and calm conversations, and when the hunger kicked in again there was an overall craving for seafood and champagne. We then followed a path that inevitably would lead us to such a restaurant, but coming out of Christiania to a area with industries and ugly, modern buildings we stared questioning the existence of this recommended restaurant. We finally found it, however, and then enjoyed a fabulous day at the jetty.

The wooden seaside establishment is part of a group with 2 other restaurants in Copenhagen called Il Buco and Alimentari. In summetime at La Banchina they offer 3 dishes that you order at the counter, then you pick up the food at the outdoor kitchen next to the little restaurant. The food I had was simple but delicious, especially if you like parsley. I had cod with potatoes, parsley, lemon and a green salad served on a disposable plate. We ate on the wooden floor of the jetty and ordered in a few bottles of wine! Their wines are natural and as with all nature wines you must accept that they -most often- doesn’t taste like the old-world wines, but can be fantastic to enjoy, nonetheless. Out of the ones we had I found a white, slightly sparkling one the most enjoyable. Unfortunately I have forgotten it’s name. The red wine we had was also lovely!

The staff was incredibly sweet and very social, and they seemed to have a great time at work. They told us that come winter and the place turns into an intimate fine-dining restaurant with only 5 tables and one chef, one waiter/bartender per night. I will go back this winter around Christmas to experience it then. Can you imagine? Inside there’s candle light and top class food and drinks while the ice cold and dark environment outside makes the ambiance in the little restaurant even softer – dining with a view over the black water that glitter in the moon light. Wow.

Well, this time we enjoyed the early days of summer and went for a sauna and a swim. The sauna was amazing with a view over the landscape. Sweating out the alcohol and toxins, filling up with new cold beer and jumping in the cold water was indeed refreshing!

It was the perfect end to the time I had spent together with Levande Charader and I was left with the feeling of wanting to be part of the staff and the La Banchina establishment too. That what’s happens if you run a successful business; you attract other in the same field and state of mind. Maybe I’ll be working there in the future, when I’m tired of Berlin and want to go back to Scandinavia :) That would be amazing!


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