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Black cocktails has been around for a while now but they are still quite unusual. At Candelaria they serve a Peruvian pisco based cocktail with activated charcoal and house made purple corn syrup as black colouring. I’m happy to share the recipe with you ❤︎ and my googled research on the legend of Lari-Lari…

Lari-Lari is the Peruvian legend of a cat who with a deceivingly beautiful voice sneaks upon babies and eat them. Lari-Lari was almost defeated and lynched one time after falling onto a bulls horn whilst trying to catch and eat a little girl, but got away. Ever since (according to my research) Peruvian families in the high land villages put bulls horns on their roofs to protect the newborns from Lari-Lari. I couldn’t find out if this is still a tradition but well, this right here is a hint of the story of Lari-Lari anyway. If anyone knows the legend, please comment below the post and I’ll adjust it :) Oh, I adore these domestic folklores of the world!

40 ml Pisco
15 ml Amaro Nardini Bassano
15 ml Lime juice
30 ml house made chicha morada syrup (purple corn)
2 dashes of home house made cat’s claw bitter
✴︎ shake on ice and strain over a 320ml glass with ice cubes
✴︎ garnish with edible silver glitter



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