Le Syndicat, Paris ?>

Le Syndicat, Paris

Le Syndicat

I was at Le Syndicat twice during my Paris trip. First on early Friday night with Sam and Morgan. Le Syndicat is a little cocktail bar located at 51 Rue Faubourg Saint Denis. It’s kinda hard to spot since it’s entrance is just a little red door in a wall covered with posters, so be alert. And inside it’s golden! I loved it.

We had the following cocktails:

“Tu es le seul qui maille” – a whisky sour with a pineapple and mustard syrup

“Getting tziki with nut” – a fresh cucumber cream cocktail with dry vermouth, hazelnut & black pepper (Marelas favourite)

“Saix en Provence” – an armagnac sour with a watermelon and pepper syrup and topped with lavender infused foam.

“Fauborg Saint Reglise” – an appel/liquorie stirred cocktail with 30/40 (apple booze), calvados and house made liquorice syrup and bitters.

Oh and all their products are French! It’s their thing :)

You have to go there if you’re in Paris and like nice bars and cocktails!! Wow! The staff are amazing! Juliette was taking so good care of me! And when I told her I bought the Paris trip as a present for my self she offered me a shot of the 30/40 which was really sweet of her!

I can’t wait to go back!


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