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Matcha Tea

Matcha tea is a Japanese fine ground green tea of high quality and contains lots of antioxidants, such as polyphenoles and minerals that lowers blood pressure and help digestion.

At the beginning of April, the first new shoots of the season appear at the tips of the Camellia sinensis tea plant.  The tea plants are completely shaded for about 20 days using a large overhead framework of reed screens and rice straw.  The harvest of matcha tea take place in early May. At that time, the ‘first flush’ of tea leaves is carefully picked.  ‘First flush’ is the year’s first harvest of young leaves, considered by connoisseurs to be the absolute finest in quality, freshness and flavor. When I used to work with tea and coffee I always looked forward to the First Flush teas to be released. The most popular first flushes are from Darjeeling in north India by Himalaya and we would taste a few different ones and it was a joy to distinguish between blends and recognize the flavour differencies in this Champagne of teas!

Anyhow, as you might already know, green tea is not oxidated (fermented) like black tea, but steamed after harvest and then slowly dried. In the process of producing matcha, the leafs pass through a special drum-like machine where the veins and stem are separated from the main part of the leaf, before completely drying. The part that remains, after drying, is referred to as tencha. Tencha is the raw material for matcha powder. The final step is the grinding of the tencha leaves into a super fine powder. For serving, put one tea spoon of the powder in water that doesn’t exceeds 80 degrees, since boiling water makes the tea bitter, and then use a matcha whisk or any type of whisk really and beat it for like 15 seconds, for the the matcha to dissolve!

Yeah so, it contains more caffeine that a regular cup of green tea. Actually I decided to drink a little caffeine even though I’m detoxing this week. At least in the morning! It’s just that I use to drink like 5 cups of coffee or tea a day, and now I’m down to one, so.. !


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