Mind Fruit at Twinpigs! ?>

Mind Fruit at Twinpigs!

For this weeks’ #whipit Wednesday at Twinpigs we had Celina and Grace selecting music for us! Celina is also and excellent cocktail bartender from Chicago who works together with me at Melody Nelson, and Grace is her Chicago based friend who’s here visiting for a couple of weeks so we invited them to play tonight! Grace used to live in Berlin and now she’s thinking of moving back (fingers crossed)! She DJs a lot in different Chicago hotspots, to get to know her style better klick into her Soundcloud wRONGHOLE or tune in to this brilliant show of hers on Terry Radio! Them two were killing it last night! 💥 It got super busy so even tho I’d plan only to chill around sipping my bubbles I jumped in assisting Luke and Matt behind the bar who were keeping quite busy for a Wednesday night 😉 It was so much fun! I love being back!

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