Morning run swim and smoothie ?>

Morning run swim and smoothie

I started running in the morning a few months ago and I try to keep it to 3 times a week. Having been here in my childhood home located in Ösby Grind outside of Stockholm (on the coast) I’m lucky to have such beautiful nature around me that encourage me to get out there. It’s really joyful to run here. My routine is to first run and then swim. There’s a lake next to my neighborhood, I run by it, then through Betsede and back, and on my way back I jump in the fresh water. Today it was calm like a mirror. I saw the moon and the clouds reflected on the silent surface and I imagined I dove into the sky 🌤💦

When I got back I made a quick smoothie on:

Frozen banana

DSC_0609 (1) DSC_0615 (1) DSC_0616 (1)

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