Happy pride! ?>

Happy pride!

HAPPY PRIDE!!! This is from when we did a really slick pride party at Laika in 2015, the very first year of this progressive club in the heart of Hornstull. I miss the time and the crew! Now I’m curious on what Kim and Miss Inga (the new entertainment bosses at Hornhuset) are cooking for this colorful weekend. ❤️💛💚💙💜 Other places to party this weekend is Pride Rooftop Session – Slakthuset Technobastun – Bronx Sauna ФОМО 1 year pride weekend…

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Söderblandning ?>


I’m in Gnesta now, and this is my little writing cabin for the rest of my stay in Sweden, before I take off to Paris to attend a course in creative writing. It’s a course in Swedish held by the renowned Stig Larsson and Cyril Hellman who together have a podcast – of which I’m a big fan Cyril & Stig – I otakt med samtiden So it’s time to get to work, and here I will find peace to…

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Substitutet at Storehov Castle ?>

Substitutet at Storehov Castle

Last Saturday I was lucky to be invited to a party at Sturehov Castle south west of Stockholm. The party was hosted by Substitutet – an artist collective founded by Eskil Loftsson and Adam Peleg who organise parties together and recently opened the doors to the old stable of Sturehof Castle which they have transformed into an art gallery. A year ago the new lady of the castle, Maria Sandberg, got intrigued by the ambitions of her new neighbors and…

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Cooling Cucumber Cocktails ?>

Cooling Cucumber Cocktails

I have always loved cucumber as a component in cocktails due to the rich and fresh flavour of it. My favourite gin & tonic is a Hendricks GT with cucumber and black pepper and one of my best cocktails to sip on a hot summers day is the Eastern Standard which is a super fresh and delicious drink with cucumber in it. Imbibe just posted a list wit 10 cucumber cocktails and I thought I’d share their article with you….

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Solera Siesta ?>

Solera Siesta

Wowowow, last night me and two friends went to a Bach piano concerto in Stockholm Cathedral before heading out to a Stockholm summer night bar-hop session. After the concert we went for a couple of beers at Stampen and then had amazing cocktails made by Kaitlin at the little wine bar Gaston on Märlartorget 15. Corner Club, Gaston’s sister bar over the Flying Elk, is shut for holiday but luckily one can enjoy four summer cocktails from their list at…

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Aromatic Bitters ?>

Aromatic Bitters

I just found this website called PUNCH and they write some interesting pieces on various topics connected to bartending and the business. Here’s one on aromatic bitters! “Today, a dozen seems quaint. There are easily over 50 different brands producing hundreds of flavors of bitters, with more brands coming to market every year. Variations on the more common aromatic and orange varieties have spawned a spectrum of flavors covering every riff on citrus, spice and vegetal imaginable. “If you can think…

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I’m back from Cult Cosmic festival 2017. I didn’t do the bar there this year, I just danced and had fun. Last year I also made poptails – popsicle cocktails – and I made them on Pisco 🍇 From then: My first day in Stockholm! Sun is shining and so am I dammit! I just met Mo for lunch at Cask & Company in their office and wholesale boutique at Kammakargatan 42 in the city center and we had a chat about…

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Cult Cosmic 2017 ?>

Cult Cosmic 2017

Last year I did the bar at Cult Cosmic – a festival outside of Stockholm to which many of my friends contribute with work, music, light, decor and fun! This year I’m going as a guest and it’ll be amazing to just enjoy this beautiful festival without any responsibilities. Even though I love working the bar, I’ve had so much on me lately so this opportunity to just dance and enjoy myself couldn’t be more welcomed! It’ll be so much…

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Sangria ?>


I had Moa and Sonja over for dinner last night. We made Sangria! Here’s my recipe: 🍷🌞🍓🌿🍋 Sangria: 1 bottle of Rioja wine. 50 ml lemon juice 50 ml Cointreau 50 ml Galliano 50 ml dark rum lots of fruits lots of ice ✴︎ cut the fruit and add to a pitcher – I used strawberries from the garden, kiwi, apple and lemon, and I added some coriander too – for some extra exoticism ✴︎ fill the pitcher with ice…

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