OVOLO MULE – Bloggers workshop Hong Kong ?>

OVOLO MULE – Bloggers workshop Hong Kong

Two weeks ago today, me and Tony hosted a workshop on bartending for a bunch of Hong Kong food- and drinks bloggers at soon-to-re-open Komune restaurnat & bar in Ovolo Southside Hotel, Hong Kong. We made an Ovolo Mule for the bloggers to enjoy, before they got to come around the bar and mix a drink from the signature cocktail menu that Cocktail Professor created for the hotel. The Ovolo Mule is a twist on the Moscow Mule which is…

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2 years ago we celebrated Christmas at ours, in Gustavsberg. I had a little cocktail session / workshop with my younger brother Billy, and we made a drink on dark rum and cloudberries. Today we’re going to my cousin’s dad’s tiny little apartment in Stockholm city and after that I’ll be going to a rave with my friends. So nice to be in Stockholm – I love this city!   The Golden North: 40ml dark rum 10ml dry sherry 20ml…

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Early morning studies – Punsch ?>

Early morning studies – Punsch

I’m still on HK time. Today I woke up at 05.30 and I must say I really enjoy waking up when it’s dark and slowly watch the change in light.. Now it’s 07.50 and it’s still dark outside. Of course, if I had to set the alarm and go to work in these cold and dark circumstances, I wouldn’t appreciate it so much. But I get to stay inside and read about punsch – the Swedish one – and drink…

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TB – Mama Shine’s Lux Concoction ?>

TB – Mama Shine’s Lux Concoction

Back in winter land! And Christmas is at the door step which means hot beverage like Glögg is to be fully enjoyed! Here’s a throw back to when me, Tony (the other Tony in my life) and Sean celebrated Lucia last year at Sean’s and we made Dry Martinis and a must successful glögg, that I choose to call ‘Mama Shine’s Lux Concotion’ 🌟 Mama Shine’s Lux Concoction –The Aquavit Edition- 750 cml Rioja wine 200 ml OP Anderson Akvavit…

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BEER TALKS – Das Bier-Radio ?>

BEER TALKS – Das Bier-Radio

Sebastian Mergel – master brewer at Berliner Bierfabrik – hosts a radio podcast on beer as well as DJing, music production and the Berlin club scene, whilst drinking beer! It’s in German, so if you know it, have a listen. Beerlist: 1. Sternburger – Export 2. Tillmans – Das Helle 3. Weißenhoher – Green MONKey [Mandarina Bavaria] Tracklist: 1. Bock&Fuchs – Kobenhavn 2. Bock&Fuchs feat. Florence the Human – End of the world  

God morgon! ?>

God morgon!

God morgon mamma! Och alla andra 🌟 Today I woke up at 06.30 and caught my mom at breakfast before she left for work. She’s a wood craft teacher in one of the local schools here in the municipality of Värmdö, on the coast of Stockholm. My parents still live in the same house I grew up in – they build it when I was 1, and it is part of a quite interesting social project (one that was fairly…

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Bye HK, Hey STHLM 👋🏼I’ve had so many great drinks these past two weeks, and also my best ever food experience! I feel very lucky 😌 Now Christmas with family and friends before going home to Berlin!

Bartender’s Choice Awards ?>

Bartender’s Choice Awards

Bartender’s Choice Award “Bartenders’ Choice Awards is an annual award that acknowledges excellence within the Nordic drinks industry.  It was founded in 2010 and is recognized as the most prestigious awards for the Nordic bar scene. The Bartenders’ Choice Awards has been active in Sweden since 2010 and since 2017 it is also established in Norway, Finland and Denmark. The deciding jury is based on more than two hundred industry professionals and cocktail enthusiasts making the jury the most knowledgeable…

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Neigbourhood party at Komune HK ?>

Neigbourhood party at Komune HK

So tonight we’re making samples of two of the signature cocktails – “Ma Hang” and “Wall Flower” – that Cocktail Professor has created for Komune, Ovolo Southside Hotel. Thank you soooo much! It’s been a ride! And thank you Tony for these two weeks in Hong Kong..! I’m sad to leave, but ready to go home to Stockholm and see my friends and family over Christmas. See you soon Stockholm!!!!