Pisco Disco Poptails ?>

Pisco Disco Poptails

I’m still riding that Cult Cosmic wave! Can’t believe how utterly amazing the vibe at the festival was, and how much fun I had organising the bar. On top of that I got some ice cream molds and Barsol Pisco from Cask & Co so I was able to try out my new little project –> POPTAILS!! Popsicle cocktails to be clear. I mean, I love popsicles and ice cream in general and I also love cocktails and it’s just brilliant to combine it and enjoy a cooling frozen drink on a hot summers day, INNIT?! And the weather couldn’t have been better for this at CC ! 😎

So I made the poptails of Pisco which is a grape distillate from Peru and for this I used the Barsol Pisco that my friends at Cask & Co import. It’s 40% but still smooth and with a fruity sweetness to it that I wanted. I also added sugar syrup and lemon juice and a few dashes of Peychaud bitter (you can use Angostura bitter if you can’t find any Peychaud). I put the ingredients in a blender, added some ice and mixed it thoroughly before I filled the ice cream molds! The important here is not to have to much alcohol in it since you want the liquid to freeze properly!

This is sooo easy to make!  The ice cream molds I used contains 11 cl liquid and I used 3 cl pisco, 4 cl lemon juice, 3 cl sugar syrup and then the ice filled up the remaining centiliter 😉

DSC_0030   DSC_0751 DSC_0756 DSC_0771 DSC_0781  DSC_0806  DSC_0044

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