Ral8022 and Radio Raheem Milan

I went to Milan last weekend to get away from Berlin one last time before 2019 (well I’m going to Stockholm next week but since that’s home it doesn’t really count) and to indulge in the Italian aperitivo culture. Prior to the trip I contacted the bar of Radio Raheem Milan – an online radio station where my friend and colleague Celina Dzyacky once DJed. The bar is called Ral8022 and it’s a color code for a kinda dirty black or brown/greyish black, and when I emailed them they phoned me up and said they’d be happy to have me in their bar!

I arrived last Thursday and even though it’s december and rather cold, it was sunny and you know, not as cold as Berlin or Stockholm anyway! I was happy to be in city I never visited before, to get exposed to something new. The city is not known for being one of the more beautiful Italian cities, but it was still beautiful – and Italian enough for me 🙂


The night was kinda slow due to a national holiday, which ment I got to spend lots of time with the guests and with my colleagues for the night. They took so good care of me and despite some language difficulties we joined together through body language, some translation and of course.. shots!

So I made two cocktails through out the Friday night. Both of them with Fernet Branca, since it’s one of Milans trademarks and one of the most famous amaors (bitters) there is. It’s a challenge to work with, due to it’s strong and very bitter flavour, but I nailed it, of course! 😉


A big thank you to Silvio, Pierre, Simone, Sonia, Paco, Emilio and Camilla at Ral8022 and Radio Raheem Milan for inviting me. I had a blast! ♥️

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