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Red snapper

I spent last weekend at Substitutet where me and my fellow cocktail enthusiast Adam Peleg suggested we encounter in a drink-making battle – and of course I couldn’t say no to that! I acknowledge myself a winner of the battle, but for not working as a bartender I must say Adam was a worthy opponent indeed! We made so many drinks and I didn’t care to take photos of all of them, but I want to give you a little hint of the ambience of last weekend and post the grand finale recipe for you; the Red Snapper.

Red Snapper is a Bloody Mary with gin! I actually prefer gin to vodka in this style of drink since it’s flavour suits really well with the rest of the ingredients. The Red Snapper was a perfect end to the cocktail voyage we set out on. Adam made it and it was delicious! However I want to bid you my recipe of it, since I believe it’s slightly better (sorry Adam). However, he is a dedicated and talented mixer and he’s promised to soon write a piece on one of his favourite cocktails: The Sazerac. for me to post here on my website. I’m very intrigued to have my first guest post presented on TINASHINE.COM, and that it will be written by Adam.

Red Snapper:
50/60 ml gin
100 ml tomato juice (make sure it’s a good brand)
20 ml Worcestershire sauce
15 ml lemon juice
05 ml sugar syrup
10 ml red port wine
ca. 1/2 bar spoon celery salt
a pinch of black pepper
some grated horseradish
Tabasco after taste
✴︎ stirr all ingredents well and strain over a chilled tumbler without ice
✴︎ garnish with what ever you want – some more grated horseradish, pepper, celery, olives, lemon or whatever you like really


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