Representing BOWS distillerie ?>

Representing BOWS distillerie

Tony is in town!!! He’s a friend from Montpellier who I worked together with at Berns in Stockholm about 5 years ago. Now he’s doing bar consultancy all over Asia and promoting the new family business:

BOWS distillerie

We met yesterday at his friends house and I finally got to try the products!!!
The range is 100% organic and the guys really believe in sustainability. You feel it when you taste the products. How amazing that everything in the process is organic! The demand for organic products on the bar shelves is growing and small distilleries like BOWS are important to the alcohol industry. They set an example for future producers to follow the organic trail. How can you not wanna represent a business like this? 😙

We have an exciting weekend ahead and I’ll tell you more about what’s up later on.. Now, have a beautiful day!

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