Sneak Peak: BOWS distillerie at La Robe & La Mousse ?>

Sneak Peak: BOWS distillerie at La Robe & La Mousse

Here’s a little sneak peak of the BOWS distillery tasting I went to before working at L’entrée des artistes on Saturday night. The tasting took place at La Robe & La Mousse – a craft beer bar that offers a variety of beers from micro breweries only. They know their craft beers. And on the shelf, among other micro distillates, they have Benoit Garcia’s crafted products; vodka, gin, aged gin, rum and whiskey. Benoit is Tony’s cousin and I was very pleased to finally meet him – the master distiller! His products are unique – they are different, and organic. I asked him a few questions and we tried to converse on the little french I know and the little English he knows. I picked up a bit about the products and the company and I will present it to you further on. Over the language barrier I also picked up Benoit’s genuine love for micro distilleries and his agitation towards the big brands on the booze market – an agitation I share with him. I’d rather have a bar with crafted and organic products than one only offering big brands. Benoit wants to keep BOWS authentic, well crafted and sustainable.

Stay tuned for a portrait of Benoit and his Brave Occitan Wild Spirits!


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