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I’m in Gnesta now, and this is my little writing cabin for the rest of my stay in Sweden, before I take off to Paris to attend a course in creative writing. It’s a course in Swedish held by the renowned Stig Larsson and Cyril Hellman who together have a podcast – of which I’m a big fan
Cyril & Stig – I otakt med samtiden

So it’s time to get to work, and here I will find peace to write.

Usually I start the day with coffee, but my parents have a different morning routine which I adapt here; tea with breakfast and coffee after breakfast. I kinda like it. So I start the day here with a tea blend from the south part of Stockholm called Söderblandning.

The original Söderblandning can be found at the Tea Centre of Stockholm on Hornsgatan 46. They created the blend, and this tea-house from 1978 is still the only place in the Stockholm region who sells the original blend. If you buy Söderblandning from other tea-retailers in the Stockholm area you will get a replica. This is of course a way for the inventors of this extremely popular blend to keep their costumers and regulate the quality of the original blend. They sell the blend to the rest of Sweden, so if you purchase Söderblandning in Åre for example, it is probably the original.

This is how the Tea Centre of Stockholm describes their baby:

“Söderblandning is our most popular and best-known tea, filled with the tastes of tropical fruits and flowers. Its popularity extends far beyond our country’s borders, and the tea is constantly finding new enthusiasts. Söderblandning, which has been produced since 1981, is supplied solely by the Tea Centre of Stockholm. Many copies with similar names are sold by others, but only here will you find the original. Enjoy a delightful cup of Söderblandning. Equally good hot and cold, with or without milk.”

When I worked at Kanel & Kardemumma we sold Söderblandning from the tea-house Kahls, a decent copy with a touch of vanilla in it too. But of course, if you have the chance to visit the Tea Centre of Stockholm, go try their product. It is a perfect tea blend.

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