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Solera Siesta

Wowowow, last night me and two friends went to a Bach piano concerto in Stockholm Cathedral before heading out to a Stockholm summer night bar-hop session. After the concert we went for a couple of beers at Stampen and then had amazing cocktails made by Kaitlin at the little wine bar Gaston on Märlartorget 15. Corner Club, Gaston’s sister bar over the Flying Elk, is shut for holiday but luckily one can enjoy four summer cocktails from their list at Gaston. Then we had a stop at Morfar Ginko where we met some friends, and I believe the others went to Trädgårn too after Ginko closed, but I threw in the towel and took the bus home to the archipelago. It was such a great night to be out and hang around in the city 😄

The Gonzo is part of the Gaston- summer- drink- list and it’s recipe has already been published here, so I present to you now:


Solera Siesta:
50ml Grönstedts VO Cognac
50ml “pineapple wine” (a blend of fresh pineapple with fortified wines and amaro)
25ml lime juice
25ml grilled pineapple cordial
Egg white
✴︎ shake over ice and double strain into chilled highball glass
✴︎ garnish with a sustainable straw and pineapple leaf


According to dear Kaitlin the name Solera Siesta is a reference to a Sherry ageing systems (solera) which is a key ingredient in the pineapple wine and since the drink has a consistency of like a fluffy pillow; siesta fits perfectly. We loved it!




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