Substitutet at Storehov Castle ?>

Substitutet at Storehov Castle

Last Saturday I was lucky to be invited to a party at Sturehov Castle south west of Stockholm. The party was hosted by Substitutet – an artist collective founded by Eskil Loftsson and Adam Peleg who organise parties together and recently opened the doors to the old stable of Sturehof Castle which they have transformed into an art gallery.

A year ago the new lady of the castle, Maria Sandberg, got intrigued by the ambitions of her new neighbors and dropped the idea to host a party in the old Gustavian castle – an idea that kicked off the collaboration with Substitutet and developed into the grand gathering we enjoyed to be a part of last weekend.

On Saturday at 8pm the guest was taken by bus to the castle and at arrival we were greeted with bubbles, and each of us received a masque à la Stanley Kubrick’s “Eyes wide shut” to set the mystic mood of the night; and so the party was on.

On the second étage we found the dance floor conducted by DJs from Stockholm’s music scene and a bar serving Elderflower Gin & Tonic and Dark and Stormy as well as beer and sparkling wine – no plastic glasses, which is of course a huge plus! The venue was stunning and so was the part-takers of this gracious event.

Later in the night we went down to Substitutet where the party continued with more music and great hang outs. Early in the morning I made some smoothies on the left over fruits from the banquet which was much appreciated by the hard partying, after-glowing crowd. I met so many beautiful people at this event and I can’t wait for the next one!


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Photo: Tina Shine


Photo: Substitutet






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