The direct translation of ‘svartklubb’ is “black club” which indicates it’s an underground party, though the most accurate translation of ‘svartklubb’ would be ‘rave’. 

I was invited to run the bar at Mål Två in Stockholm on Monday the 30th of April, a night we refer to as Valborg in Sweden that represent beginning of proper spring (I guess) and precedes the 1st of May demonstrations for workers rights etc. In other words the April/May shift can be described as a night of excessive drinking among youths – and those who still perceive themselves as young (me included) – followed by a day of deep conviction and aspiration to ‘change’ among the politically engaged.

I am not politically engaged but I like to party, and I was very happy to be invited to one of the last parties that Mål Två will host in their industrial HQ, located in Årstaberg south of Stockholm. The venue will be demolished in two months, unfortunately. This was their nineteenth party, and my first one to attend. Since I live in Berlin I miss most of the raves this city has to offer – and it’s a great deal. But this one I didn’t miss. I got to be a part of it all and I loved it.

The signature drink I made was a proper pick-me-up; a black colored ginger- and apple gin fizz garnished with edible glitter. We called it ‘svartklubb’ and it was a hit – of course! Everybody likes gin fizz, and apple and ginger just adds a freshness to it that no one opposes really. And that it was black with glitter added a playfulness to it that people appreciated too in general. On top of all this, I made it on Explorer Ekologisk Gin which is a Swedish organic gin that not only taste well and is decent priced, it also on plastic bottle meaning easy to handle on events like these, and Explorer is a brand with a rather ‘working classy’ reputation that again matches this type of ‘underground’ event.. (although, it’s just a private members party really..) 😉 😉

Anyway.. it was a great party and I’m still going through it in my mind rejoicing over the journey; the music, the people, the drinks, dance and conversations, meeting old friends, making new ones, the night turning to day..

Big ups to all who made it happen!!!

50 ml Explorer Ekologisk Gin
30 ml lemon juice
20 ml sugar syrup
20 ml apple juice
10 ml fresh ginger juice
a pinch of activated charcoal powder
edible glitter
soda water
✴︎ shake all ingredients (except soda water)
✴︎ strain over a transparent plastic cup with ice
✴︎ top with soda water and garnish with edible glitter




Oh and in the early morning we served the left over ginger juice as shots to the guests who were still dancing, as a last little boost..! 🌪



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