TB Strawberry season! ?>

TB Strawberry season!

2. Good morning yawl. Thanks for the feedback and likes of my new page guys, so sweet of you :) As I said, I love this business! I also LOVE cocktails and alcohol. I always wanna learn more about booze and about the cultural manifestations around drinks and drinking, not only alcohol based but there is just something extra about them, right. It’s a kinda weird relationship I have with alcohol. When I was 17 I knew already I drank too much and decided to do something about it. It got better for a few years but since I started bartending and now especially since I moved to Berlin I found my self falling into some destructive drinking patterns again. I guess kinda love booze a little too much! So this profession has it’s down sides, and I recommend everyone to be careful and observant who deals with alcohol on a daily basis. Anyway, I want and I’m ready for a change in my life now,  I want to feel and get to know my body and mind in a new way, so as a challenge, I’m gonna from today be non-alcoholic for 40 days to take back control and witness the change within.

It might sound drastic. 40 days is fucking long, and it won’t be easy since I’m surrounded by alcohol like all the time 😀 But I really look forward to treat my self to some sober days, new energy and to prove to myself I can stay off it. It’s a thrilling feeling – to be in control. Since I was 15 I’ve once been sober for 40 days and I recall it felt really really good!

If you’re also thinking about going sober for a while, send me a PM and we can team up! It’s helpful to have some support, and a good thing is to take on something new exiting in your life if you reduce something you’re used to,/get rid of a habit. For me it’ll be singing and music. Last time I practised 1h kundalini yoga a day and this time I’m gonna sing for 1h a day for 40 days. I’ve made a personal schedule for this already :) So my last days being 27 will be focused on music, health and work but my legs still function and I’ll keep dancing of course.

I’ll still post about cocktails on my blog, but you’ll see a lot more alk-frei ones from now on. And (!) if you see me for the next 40, don’t ask me if I want a shot, please 😉 #backatina



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Good morning!! 😀 I woke up not long ago (worked late last night as usual) and found a few left over strawberries in the fridge so I shook up a super fresh morning cocktail on them and some orange and lemon juice. The recipe’s above. Love this time a year when strawberries are in season. It’s one of the best flavours in the world for realz yo.


50 ml fresh orange juice
40 ml fresh lemon/lime juice
15 ml sugar syrup
✴︎ muddle like 4 strawberries and two basil leafs in the shaker
✴︎ hard shake on ice
✴︎ double strain over any type of glass really
✴︎ top with cold soda water
✴︎ down it !


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