That Friday Feeling ?>

That Friday Feeling

Me and Phil had such a great time at the cocktail bar that we named Cosmic Carrot at Wilde Möhre Festival last weekend. The best about last weekend was our wonderful guest at the bar who came back every night and just made the vibe frekking awesome! They all got to know each other up at their camp and more and more people joined their little neighbourhood and for each night the crowd at pur bar grew bigger. They eventually went under the summoned name The Village, and at one point they totally took over the bar !!! SUCH A JOY! Some of them even came to Twinpigs on Wednesday to have some drinks and listen to Philipp who played music together with Tim! <3

Ah we still keep contact through a Facebook group chat and I feel so lucky having all these new friends in my life. BERLIN! I absolutely love being back. And tonight you’ll find me at Melody Nelson again. Come for a drink and a hug!

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