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Little Red Door

I went to say hello at Little Red Door – 60 rue Charlot in Paris – on Tuesday where I met Calvin and the rest of the crew. Calvin was at Glass when I worked there on Monday, dancing behind the bar after closing! He didn’t expect to see me on Tuesday and man, we had a laugh. The Paris cocktail scene is very familiar to the Stockholm scene. Everyone knows each other and visit each others bars. The bartenders come from all over the world to live and work here.


Little Red Door was super nice. You actually enter a little red door going inside. It must be 1,60m since I just fitted and I’m 1,57m tall… or short. It’s an over the top cocktail menu with boasting presentations, but still the place has a laid-backness and ambience of a place one can relax and breathe. It’s post pretentious 😉 A new favorite expression of mine which means it’s pretentious but still works; it’s class!

Calvin and I went quickly to have a drink at Marie Celeste too, I’ll make a little separate post about them later on. We had a fun night, once again. And I got a new epithet:
Professional drinker!


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