The Piña Colada ?>

The Piña Colada

Ooooh last night I was at Twinpigs saying hi to friends and old colleagues! What a lovely night. There was Caribbean vibes on with DJs playing a bit of back beats/calypso/conga tracks and behind the bar William and Matt made delicious Piña Coladas! It’s a drink you’ve all herd of, and it has a quite bad reputation partly because there is as many recipes of Piña Colada as there are hobby bartenders.. It was ruined in the 80s, but actually it is a really cool tropical rum / pinapple / coconut cocktail that’s quite edgy and just takes your mind straight on holiday!

It’s a Puerto Rican cocktail that’s goes under the Tiki drink family, and as many Tiki’s it’s served in a hurrican glass on crushed ice, but if you don’t have crushed ice just use regular ice cubes, with lots of garnish-  there among pineapple, and maybe a colorful umbrella? :)

There has been a few bartenders claiming the creation of the Piña Colada back in the 50s’, 60’s and it hasn’t been sorted who was the original creator of the cocktail. One recipe with the name Piña Colada has also been found in a magazine dated 1922, without coconut milk/cream however.. So one could really say the original Piña Colada hasn’t got coconut in it, as some most “stuck up” bartenders pretentiously advertise. To me a Piña Colada is poor without coconut, but you don’t need much since it’s a very distinct flavour.

Anyhow, go say hi to Twinpigs and try their variation. And it’s possible to get non alcoholic ones as I did last nigh 😉 It totally works without alcohol, allthough, I’m not gonna pretend it’s as good as with rum.. You want that little push. But yeah. Piña Colada!

And oh yes, the bottle I show off is a new world gin with eucalyptus and yerba mate! Hellooo!! Ask the bartenders about it and have a taste, it’s something new indeed to enjoy!

Captain Nimmo’s Piña Colada:
30 ml Matuselem white rum
30 ml Sailor Jerry spiced rum
20 ml lime juice
30 ml fresh Pineapple juice
30 ml house made falernum (there’s recipes at the web)
20 ml cream
10 ml sweetened condensed milk
2 dashes angostura bitters
1.5 barspoon desiccated coconut
✴︎ shake all ingredients and strain over highball glass – or preferably a hurricane glass
✴︎ garnish with what ever you find – in Tiki more is more!
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