The Rose ?>

The Rose

The Rose:
40 ml vodka
15 ml Campari
30 ml lemon juice
20 ml strawberry, rose syrup with creole bitter*
egg white
soda water
✴︎ dry shake all ingredients (except the soda water) without ice
✴︎ add ice and shake again
✴︎ strain over tumbler with ice cubes and top with soda water
✴︎ garnish with rose buds

*I cooked around 250 ml sugar syrup on white sugar and mashed a few strawberries in the pot, then I added maybe 50 ml rose syrup and 20 dashes of creole bitters. The creole bitter has a lovely cloves depth to it and it goes fantastically with the strawberry and rose, the color is right too.


DSC_0709 DSC_0712

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