I’ve taken on a new project and that is to serve alcohol combined with tea in a ceremonial ritual where the participants bring something that I can incorporate in the cocktail, making it a shared thing. The idea crossed my mind while I was meditating to my friend Andreas Maan’s ambient mix for his Patterns of Perceptions – a Berlin based ‘space‘ that in their own words defines as  “a sensory journey through techno’s hypnotic depths. Through regular club nights and a podcast series, we provide a platform for artists to share their unique vision. Patterns of Perception embodies experimental textures and deep atmospheric sounds, inspired by the dissonance between the natural and the industrial.”

Heeej Andreas. How are you, long time ago. I’ve been listening to your latest mix -Patterns of Perception 29- quite a bit. I meditate to it and explore some hidden darkness inside through it, so first I want to say thanks for the journey hehe. Now to my request… I will start making cocktail ceremonies that will unfold kinda like a traditional tea ceremony – but switch the tea for cocktails – basically. My idea is to create a serene and spiritualistic atmosphere but on the darker side. Like a modern night version of the cultural manifestation that the traditional tea ceremonies provide. And I want to do it to your ambient mix to start with. I can’t risk playing it on soundcloud during a ceremony since it would be ruined if the connection fails. So I was hoping to purchase it from you as an mp3? Would it be possible?

🙂 amazing work!!!



He was generous enough to give me the mix. The first ceremony was between me and a friend at my place, and I recorded it. Here’s a sample of it…



For the full mix, check it out on Soundcloud:

Patterns of Perception 29 – Andreas Maan



The way of the cocktail #1:
50 ml vodka
25 ml hibiscus ice tea
10 ml sugar syrup with jasmine-tea pearls
✴︎ muddle the ginger together with the sugar syrup in a stirring glas
✴︎ add the rest of the liquids and ice
✴︎ stir for 15 seconds and pour over a chilled dessert bowl
✴︎ serve!



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