Tiger Milk Sour ?>

Tiger Milk Sour

This is Twinpig’s variation on a Pisco Sour for their Ceviche Friday events. It’s basically a Pisco Sour that they add tiger milk to, which is the Peruvian citrus-based marinade that cures the seafood in a ceviche. It’s a mix of fresh ingredients including lemon and lime juice, chili, onions, ginger, celery and coriander.


Tiger Milk Sour:
60 ml Pisco
15 ml Lime Juice
15 ml Tiger Milk
15 ml sugar syrup
Egg white
Angostura/Peychaud’s bitters
✴︎ dry shake the ingredients
✴︎ shake on ice and double strain over cocktail glass
✴︎ garnish with Angostura/Peychaud’s bitters


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