Jungle Beard and Hawaii Coconut Club ?>

Jungle Beard and Hawaii Coconut Club

Hey I’m really looking forward to be serving TIKI DRINKS tomorrow SUNDAY 06.11.16 from 4pm at Aunt Benny. TIKI are rum based cocktails inspired with flavour and style from the Polynesian cuisine and culture that later traveled to Hawaii and the East Coast of America and today is a wide spread cocktail “family” featured in bars all over the world!

TIKI is tropical and over the top in both flavour and decoration 

My friend and former colleague from Stockholm – Sebastian De La Cruz – is well know for his Tiki skills and is currently in the start up of his own rum bar in Bangkok. His variation on the classical Tiki cocktail Jungle Bird will be on the menu tomorrow:


Jungle Beard:
50 ml Appleton
15 ml campari
25 ml orange
25 ml pineapple
30 ml lemon
1 passionfruit
vanilla sugar
3 dashes of Angostura bitter
✴︎ swizzle in balloon glass or any large glass
✴︎ garnish with whatever you feel like


I made a non alcoholic drink with traditional tiki flavours for those who don’t want to drink alcohol

Hawaii Coconut Club:
Coconut creme
Pineapple juice
Pineapple gum syrup
Lime juice
Pink Grapefruit juice
Almond sugar syrup

But of course I’ll spike it with a bit of high proof rum if you like me to 

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