Tina Shine + Universal Music + Our/Berlin Vodka

Woo, that was fun!

When my friend Alicia asked me to organise the bar at a staff party, on a boat, for her department at Universal Music Deutschland – I accepted immediately. Of course I wanted to serve drinks at sea ⛵️💦 I mean, who wound’t? And it’s not everyday I get to shake cocktails in a bading-suit after a swim – I loved it!


At 10am on Thursday, Simon (the captain) picked us up from Universal Music Deutschland’s HQ, on the Spree by Oberbaumbrücke, with a boat which he and his friends built on recycled material. Their sustainable approach was evident, and admirable of course, and the boat’s architectural style and interior provided a genuine Berlin- boat-party experience I’d say, and I was really happy to be part of it.

We went to Kleiner Müggelsee, south east of Berlin, where we chilled, swam, listend to music, drank and had BBQ. As for the drinks, I served Our/Berlin vodka with a home made ginger lemonade, and sherry tonics with rosemary. I also got some Aperol and made Aperol spritz, and then I just improvised the rest of the day on the ingredients I got.



On the way back to Berlin we made a few stops to jump in the water, and to be honest none of us wanted to get back to the city. It was too good. We had a really lovely day!



Hey, if you want me to organise the bar at your party, please contact me:

+49 157 87459089


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