Tina Shine’s culinary hotspots – Hong Kong

Tina Shine’s culinary hotspots – Hong Kong 🔥

In the two weeks I spent working on a consulting job in Hong Kong in December 2017 I only had time to visit a few of the city’s many gastronomic hideaways. The idea is to add on to this list when I have the opportunity to go back and visit for example Lobster Bar & Grill, Stockton and Quinary. And The Flying Elk HK which even though I haven’t visited it yet, it’s on my list here – simply because I’m very exited that they opened in June 2018 and that my friends from Stockholm have made the cocktail concept there.


THE OLD MAN – 37-39 Aberdeen Street, Soho, Central
This is THE bar! I think it’s only been around for a couple of years but it has already reached global recognition – and it should. The cocktail menu might be a bit long and “complicated” but it’s brilliant. Very interesting techniques, presentation and flavours. I would go early evening, weekday, since it so popular and gets full quickly. Try to sit near the bartenders for the entertainment of watching these guys work. Placed 5 in Asia’s 50 best bars 2018
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THE PONTIAC – 13 Old Bailey St, Central

This is such a cool bar. I was only there once for a drink before dinner so I don’t know the late night vibe in there but I bet it gets pretty funky. Girl bartenders with ‘attitude’ 😉 Placed 31 in Asia’s 50 best bars 2018
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PASTIS – 65 Wyndham Street, Central

This is a traditional french neighbourhood bar/bistro. Busy in a relaxed kinda way. Have a seat, or stand, at the bar. Drink pastis or mauresque if you like (I don’t like it) or just have a beer or a wine. This place is authentic and fun. I didn’t try the food, but I would for sure when I go back to Hong Kong.
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DJAPA – 12 Kut Shing Street, Chai Wan

This is such a weird place. My friend told me the group who owns this place is loaded and that this restaurant is merely an expression of the owners interest in brazilian food, Japanese whiskey and (somewhat tacky) art. Although a few pieces were really nice. When I was there they had an piece by Yayoi Kusama (!) in the restaurant on the second floor which was kinda humbling. Djapa is basically a whiskey collection and a gallery that also offers really tasty food. You must try it! The music playing in the background is really bad (commercial electronic/pop if I recall), but it somehow fits the place – which makes me kinda annoyed but also I have to sort of ‘give it to them’ u know… And yeah, have a whisky after dinner.
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BUENOS AIRES POLO CLUB – 7/F LKF Tower, 33 Wyndham St, Central
To enter this place you take an elevator from outside the building and it takes you to the restaurant on the 7th floor. This is a speakeasy restaurant and bar (‘hidden’, no windows) and it’s yeah a argentinian polo club basically. I didn’t try their food but I hear it’s good but a bit overrated. The cocktails doesn’t really impress but they’re all fine. Have a seat at the bar and have at least one Fernet Branca shot! they are served from a tiny metal flask in a little cold metal boot. Cute.


DR FERN’S GIN PARLOUR15 Queen’s Road, Central, First Basement Floor
Also a speakeasy, this one specialised in gin. Try some different gin tonics and drill the bartenders on their gin knowledge. It’s a beautiful place. The old ‘apothecary’ style is quite charming and it’s definitely worth a visit. But that’s all I have to say 🙂


FRANTZÉN’S KITCHEN – 11 Upper Station St, Sheung Wan
This is art. My best ever food experience! It’s proper fine dining and it’s Swedish!! Or nordic at least (with Asian influences). I’m not even gonna try to explain the flavours as you simply have to experience it for your self. It’s a set menu with like 9 dishes coming in one after another on a timed ‘schedule’ and each dish is paired with a different wine. If you go here, keep in mind the bill with land around 5 – 600€ for two persons. The Franzén restaurant in Stockholm has three Guide Michelin stars and I don’t think the Hong Kong establisment has a lower standard on their creations.

photo from bjornfrantzen.com

THE FLYING ELK HONG KONG – 32 Wyndham St, Central
This is also a Björn Frantzén restaurant and bar with a sister establishment in Stockholm. It just opened earlier this year and I’m so dying to go!!! This is less pricy than Franzéns kitchen, and you can go there only for cocktails too.

SPIGA – Lht Tower Podium, 3/F, Central

An Italian restaurant where my friend Julien Zampieri is head pastry chef! I never had the opportunity to dine here when I was in HK, unfortunately, but Julien says it’s the best!
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